Depressed dog with ‘scales like potato chips’ looks unrecognizable after rescue

Augustus turned into a stray canine, so horribly neglected that he didn’t appear like a canine at all. In fact, no person should inform what type of animal he turned into! The townspeople dealt with him like a monster, yelling at him and throwing matters at him. But as soon as the excellent parents at Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt (HASRA) noticed his photo, they added him in to start his new life. He got here from the worst case of abuse and neglect the team of workers had ever seen.

Auggie needed to be hospitalized and dealt with for weeks. He required antibiotics and a each day gel remedy to peel off the layers of “potato chip-like” scales that shaped on his coat. Slowly however surely, the scales got here off and Auggie gave the look of a uncooked burn victim. Still, the team of workers had no clue what breed or blend he turned into. Auggie turned into transferred to the HASRA sanctuary and persevered with each day oil remedies and baths; he cherished the coconut oil rubdowns and commenced to experience consolation again.

Despite an entire life of ache and n.e.g.l.e.c.t, Auggie could go through his each day remedies whilst searching lower back at his heroes with eyes complete of gratitude and love. The greater he recovered, the greater he found out himself to be the maximum loving pup. When the team of workers commenced a Facebook web page for Auggie, animal fanatics round the arena fell in love and accompanied his progress. Auggie has in view that been followed with the aid of using a lady named Jordan. She feels blessed to be the fortunate one that were given to undertake this dwelling miracle.

Remember, no person had a clue what Auggie turned into imagined to appear like, freed from the scales and painful infections. When you notice Auggie’s spectacular transformation on the 1:10 mark, you’ll be taken aback to peer this lovely black and white Border Collie blend. So gorgeous! Augustus’ tale is one which ought to be told, so please SHARE it together along with your pals on Facebook!

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