Pittie little doggy dumped in a parking, he cried a lot when rescued

We re the animal rescue team , if small animals want help . We re here to assist…the ones are their words. They informed us the story :we get a call from a man , he sees a scene of a rickshaw motive force pulling his dog by using the neck.

He was very angry approximately the other driving force’s conduct. He needs us to assist the canine . The rescue team speedy went to the canine in distress; a stressful scene changed into unfolding before my eyes. A depraved guy is pulling on his canine’s neck.

We quick went there to rescue the little dog . We bagged him to spare the canine . After that , we had to spent about 30 bucks to buy the canine. The canine is a quite skinny , he was very hungry, the proprietor likely wouldn’t feed him .

Later, we took the dog to a clinical center to check on his fitness. We replace the evil proprietor and take good care of the canine. He’s in safe hand now

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