1000 Days In Shelter, Special Dog Still Waiting For Her Forever Home

Ariel is a sweet-natured, easy-going dog who needs her special someone.  She has been with Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation in Arlington, VA for 1000 days. It’s time this darling love bug finds her forever home. Can you help? Read on to learn more about this special girl and spread the word to get her the home she deserves.

Ariel’s Traumatic Injury and Special Needs

Ariel was originally brought in as a stray who was found during a severe thunderstorm in Texas. It was soon discovered that Ariel had sustained a traumatic injury prior to being rescued. Her injury has left her unable to control her bladder or bowel movements. This means that Ariel wears doggie diapers in the car and inside. This special need has made it challenging to find Ariel a forever home. Ariel is super calm and patient when she needs a change or to be cleaned up. Someone is out there that is ready to bring Ariel home, unique needs and all. Let’s help find that lucky someone!

Fashionista Diva Dog

Ariel enjoys dressing up in colorful tutus, shirts, and even sunglasses. She seems to relish the attention and loves to pose for photos all dolled up in her fashion-forward best. She has an assortment of vivid doggie diapers that look super cute on her. Changing her is a breeze. She stays calm and lets her human caretaker clean her up and slip a new diaper on easily.

Who Would be Perfect for Ariel?

First and foremost, Ariel needs a person who understands her unique needs which are no fault of her own. She would do best with people who work from home so that they can keep her clean and changed as needed. A fenced-in yard is ideal so that she can have plenty of diaper-free time outdoors. Ariel is a social butterfly who loves other dogs and kids. Families with other fur and human babies would be a great fit for her. Above all, she deserves a forever family that can support her and love her for the rest of her happy life.

Ariel is Easy-Going and Gentle

Ariel is such an easy-going dog. She gets along well with other dogs and loves romping around the yard with her playmates. She will do great in a family that already has dogs. She also loves children and knows how to be gentle and loving to them. She knows all of her basic commands, has great manners and enjoys bath time with ease. She loves to ride in the car and has a great time going out into the world on field trips or to stay overnight with fosters and friends.

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