8-Year-Old Boy Rides His Bike To Save Dogs From The China Meat Trade

When most 8-year-olds go for a bike ride, they just do it for fun. But Rhys Stevens is doing it to make a difference in this world. Rhys will keep biking long distances to help raise money and awareness for the victims of the dog meat trade in China. And so far, he’s raised more than enough money to make an impact.

Specifically, Rhys gathered enough money to bring a rescue Husky away from the meat trade and toward a forever family. He will use the extra money to keep helping in any way that he can. Rhys is an inspiration for kids and adults alike!

A Passion for Rescue Dogs

It’s never too early to want to help dogs in need. While most kids have no idea of the horrors that many dogs face, Rhys is working hard to make a difference. After seeing a documentary about the dog meat trade in China, Rhys was in shock. But instead of wallowing in sadness and fear, he looked for ways to help.

So, Rhys started a bike ride fundraiser in hopes of bringing some of the dogs to safety. His friends, family, and other locals have agreed to donate money for every mile that Rhys rides on his bike. And he’s already ridden an insane amount!

“Rhys is passionate about dogs and animals in general. He just wants to do good things and make a difference,” said Kathleen Stevens, Rhys’ mom.

In this fundraiser, Rhys is raising money for China Rescue Dogs. This non-profit organization is based in North Carolina, and they work on transporting dogs from China to the United States. That way, the dogs are safe and get a chance at finding a forever family.

Changing the World One Bike Ride at a Time

It costs at least $2,500 to transport a dog from China to the United States. So, the rescue gave Rhys a specific dog to bike for. She is a Husky named Lola who was saved off the street after suffering from malnutrition and a severe skin disease. When Rhys gets tired while biking, he just thinks of Lola’s sad face and keeps going.

“I feel very happy that I’m doing this, I feel very excited that the money I am raising is helping Lola to get to her new home. I love dogs so much and this makes me very happy.”

So far, Rhys has raised over $3,600, which is more than enough to cover Lola’s transport cost. Even though he hit his goal, he continues to bike in hopes of saving even more dogs. Lola will be able to fly out of China during the first week of April 2021. Plus, she already has a family waiting for her!

If you want to help Rhys make a difference in this world, please consider donating to his Facebook fundraiser. Even small donations can make a difference for these at-risk dogs. And every dog saved is a huge success!

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