A Rescued Dog With A Hole In Her Head, Was Treated And Found Her Loving Home

When the rescue group of Goal Paws’ible arrived to save Michi’s life the poor dog escaped and fled down a sewer. The rescue group waited for 3 hours to take the dog out of there and bring her to the shelter.

The poor Michi had a hole on her head which was full of maggots. And after the vet’s examination, it turned out that she also suffered from parvo.

However, the kind caretakers of the shelter made up their minds to help the dog as much as they could. They told that the dog survived during these years because of her strong immune system.

Until she would recover from parvo the shelter staff found a perfect owner for her. Mission Paws’ible doesn’t choose random owners. They are very attentive that the animals at the shelter will be in the right hands and not be in the situation they have found them again. So after a thorough investigation and documentation, Michi could finally be met with Saffron who was the best choice for her.

Now Michi is enjoying her life with her adorable owner and her pets.

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