Actor Dwayne Johnson Surprises Family With An Adorable Rescue Puppy

 Actor and philanthropist Dwayne Johnson played an instrumental part in fulfilling one Los Angeles family’s dreams this week. At the opening of his latest movie, Johnson donned a fun costume to fulfill a family’s greatest wish.

The Hernandez children had begged their parents for years to allow them to have a dog. But with a growing family of six, it wasn’t easy to find the time. And when they finally decided that the time was right, they knew it had to be a special surprise for their four children.

The Search For The Perfect Family Dog

Before the screening, the Hernandez family began searching for the perfect family dog. They knew for certain that they wanted a rescue – an adorable, sweet puppy who could grow up alongside their children. They contacted adoption specialists at Best Friends Animal Society, hoping they could help create a perfect match.

When the parents were approached about making this a surprise for their children, they were thrilled at the idea! Best Friends Animal Society then teamed up with Warner Brothers Pictures to make it happen. And their decision to involve Johnson in the surprise was the icing on the cake.

The Hernandez family treated their children to a trip to the movies. They were getting ready to watch Johnson’s newest film, DC League of Super-Pets, during its opening week. In this movie, Johnson voices Krypto the Super-Dog. Krypto is Superman’s canine best friend who shares his unique set of superpowers.

The audience didn’t know that Krypto would make a special appearance before the show. And what’s more – Johnson himself would be hiding in the super-suit!

A “Super” Surprise

When an announcer welcomed Krypto to the stage, the crowd went wild. They were so excited to see their favorite super-dog up close and in person. And when Johnson removed his mask, they were even more enthralled. Many audience members shed tears at the sight of their favorite actor.

In a video, which Johnson shared on his Instagram, we hear him welcome the Hernandez family up to the stage:

“I was told, by your mom and dad, that you guys have had this dream, like, all of your lives, to get a dog,” Johnson asked the kids. “Is that right?”

The Hernandez children nodded their heads with excitement, in a state of disbelief.

“Alright, well, I’m here!” joked Johnson at first. “Take me home!”

Then, in all seriousness, Johnson tells the family that he has something very special for them and walks into the crowd. While the family embraces, Johnson retrieves an adorable chocolate-brown puppy.

He walks back onstage with the puppy, and the Hernandez children cannot contain their excitement:

“I want to welcome your newest family member,” said Johnson. “This is Quail. Would you like to hold him?”

The children reach out for the puppy and pull him into a warm hug, showering him with kisses and tears of joy. The audience goes wild over such a heartfelt moment as Johnson wishes them goodnight and tells them to enjoy the show.

Meanwhile, the Hernandez family can’t take their eyes off of their new best friend.

The Real Heroes

Instagram followers of the former pro-wrestler were delighted by the actor’s role in this surprise. Though Johnson makes it clear that the real hero of this story is the Best Friends Animal Society:

“Kevin (Hart) and I, we partnered with the Best Friends Animal Society,” said Johnson, “And they do really tremendous work on saving the lives of shelter pets; dogs and cats all across America.”

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