Adorable Rescue Puppies Explore Farm Sanctuary During Quarantine

During the COVID-19 quarantine, dogs are probably feeling just as bored as you are. They don’t get to interact with as many people or explore as many places as usual. For dogs at rescues and shelters, it’s probably extra hard not to be able to have the public interact with them. So, a California dog rescue decided to take a litter of adoptable puppies on an adventure before they found their forever homes. They noticed that the Gentle Barn Animal Sanctuary in Santa Clarita was currently closed to the public. The staff thought it would be the perfect location for a puppy field trip. Of course, it was adorable!

The litter of black and white puppies was recently dropped off in a cardboard box at a shelter. Right away, a no-kill rescue named Paw Works came to save them. With so many people adopting during the pandemic, they have been able to take in more dogs in need.

At the animal sanctuary, the curious 10-week-old puppies were given plenty of time to explore. They were able to meet some of the farm animals up close, including cows, donkeys, pigs, turkeys, and chickens. Most of the animals seem intrigued by the puppies’ visit, but some turkeys were more hesitant around the pups.

The puppies were very gentle with all the animals. All they really wanted to do was walk around and smell new things. Some dogs never get to visit a farm in their lifetime, but it’s an exciting place for a dog to explore. Plus, with the sanctuary and rescue closed to the public, it allowed the animals to get some fun interactions during this time.

Adopt or Foster During the Quarantine

Paw Works wanted to make this experience exciting for the puppies, but they also hoped people would learn something from it. Of course, they wanted everyone to see how cute the puppies are. However, they also hoped that the trip would show that even during this pandemic, dogs still need homes. They’ve seen a significant increase in adoptions, but there are still so many dogs that need help. The rescue is always looking for more people to adopt and foster.

“In partnering with Gentle Barn, we wanted to remind everyone, that big or small, the creatures of this world need our voice more than ever. And, that feeling of fear and isolation that we are feeling during quarantine, is something that many of these animals experience every day of their lives,” said Chad Atkins, the co-founder of Paw Works.

Since footage from the puppy adventure was posted on social media, all the puppies were adopted soon after. Even the sanctuary’s founder fell in love with a puppy and decided to adopt. If you want to help more dogs like these tiny puppies, please donate to Paw Works.

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