Autumn the Hopeful Rottweiler is Looking for a Loving Family to Spend Her Last Days With

Autumn is a loving Rottweiler that is in desperate search of her forever home. While many dogs spend a lot of time waiting at the shelter for their forever family to rescue them, Autumn doesn’t have as much time as they do. Sadly, Autumn only has a few weeks to live, but Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in New Jersey refuses to let her last days be depressing. They hope that someone will give Autumn a place to stay for her remaining days, but in the meantime, the refuge will do what they can to make her as happy as possible.

Autumn’s Story

Autumn is currently 7 years old, and until recently, she spent her whole life outdoors. She loved to run around and enjoy the fresh breeze. Sadly, when she began to limp, her family surrendered her to a kill shelter. They claimed that they just didn’t have enough time for her.

Since she had lived outside her whole life without proper socialization, many rescues shied away from trying to help her. Luckily, she found Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, and they decided to do whatever they could to help her.

When they rescued Autumn, she couldn’t put weight on her back leg. Her condition only got worse as time went on, so they knew that they had to do something. In the meantime, Autumn stayed hopeful though. She continued to wag her tail and give cute puppy dog eyes to potential adopters. All she wanted was a family to love her.

The animal refuge staff rushed Autumn to the hospital not long after they rescued her in order to get her leg properly evaluated. The x-rays of Autumn’s knee revealed that she had bone cancer, which means she likely only has weeks to live. She is on pain medications, but she desperately wants someone to love her and care for her in the meantime.

Help Autumn Find a Home!

Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge is seeking out a kind individual to spend Autumn’s last days with her. They do not want her remaining time to be wasted, so while they wait for someone to help out, the animal refuge is giving her as much love as possible.

“Autumn’s happily ever after may look different than we expected, but despite everything she has been through, she is a sweet, happy girl that only knows how to live,” posted Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge.

Autumn would love a hospice foster to spend her last days with or even a temporary foster to allow her to spend a night or two. Any kindness would help her greatly. She is a sweet dog that has never lost hope of having a great life. Even if you can’t donate your time to help her, consider donating some money to help with her medical costs and of course, share her story. Any help she can get will benefit her so much.

If you have a home that you think would be a good fit for Autumn, you can contact the refuge at

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