Chris Evans And His Rescue Dog Have The Best Quarantine Advice

Like everyone else, actor Chris Evans has been practicing social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. While quarantine life is driving many people insane, the Captain America star is doing just fine. Not only is he lucky to have his human family members safe by his side, but he also has one other important loved one with him: his rescue dog, Dodger!

Evans knows that this is a difficult time for people, but having Dodger with him makes it so much better. So, in a recent Zoom interview, he decided to share the best advice he could think of for those struggling at home.

Evans’ Quarantine Advice

A lot of the interview consisted of Evans explaining his thoughts on the coronavirus. He tried his best to look at the situation as positively as possible. Then, the last interview question asked him what advice he has for people during this quarantine. At first, he paused, not sure how he could possibly give advice for a situation like this. But then, he came up with the perfect answer.

“I would never subject anyone to advice that would come from me. There’s nothing I can give you that’s…,” Evans said, pausing in mid-sentence. “You know what my advice would be? Adopt a dog! Everyone should go out and get a dog. If you don’t have a dog in your life, especially during this time, you’re missing out.”

Then, he turns his screen during the Zoom call to reveal Dodger sitting beside him. He said that the pup never leaves his side, which brings him so much comfort during this time.

Time with a Rescue Dog is the Best!

Evans adopted Dodger back in 2015. When asked what breed Dodger is, he simply said, “a mutt, I couldn’t tell you what breed”. All that matters to him is that he and Dodger are there for each other, especially during tough moments like this. The actor strongly believes that a rescue dog could greatly benefit others during this pandemic too. In fact, even when life resumes to normal, he still encourages dog lovers to adopt.

Throughout the quarantine, Evans has shared plenty of photos of him at home with Dodger. He even made a Twitter post from Dodger’s perspective. In the post, Dodger asks why they never go to the park anymore, and he begs Evans to wake up so he can get food.

Evans’ posts with Dodger are the heartwarming content that we all need during this difficult time. It’s just further proof that dogs can make you happier even during the hardest moments in life.

Not only is film production paused at the moment, but so many places are closed to the public too. Like many, Evans has had to adjust his life for the safety of his family and those around them.

“I think film, specifically, has always been a great empathy-creating machine. And right now, empathy can only help. If nothing else it helps you explore perspectives, the human condition, and the way we all struggle and cope differently,” Evans said.

Dodger helps Evans be a better person every day. So, if you are able, he strongly encourages you to adopt a dog during this time. It could be the perfect opportunity to bond with that dog and work on training before your normal routine resumes. After all, Evans proves that adopting makes life better for both you and your furry family member.

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