Collie Puppy With A ‘Ruff’ Past Wins Puppy Bowl

Duncan the 9-month-old Rough Collie is a true inspiration for humans and dogs alike. When he was only a few weeks old, he was in an unfortunate situation. He was one of about 130 animals that were rescued from a business in Solon, Maine. The poor animals were in rough shape and they all needed urgent care. Now, Duncan has moved on from his difficult past to become the star of the 2020 Puppy Bowl! 

What Happened to Duncan?

Not a lot of information was released about the animals seized from the Solon business, but it was clear that they hadn’t been well cared for. They were rescued from a kennel where they were deprived of necessary sustenance, medical attention, and proper shelter. 

Duncan was among more than 60 dogs that arrived at the Animal Refuge League. They were all provided with the necessary medical care. Luckily, many dogs like Duncan grew up to be happy and healthy despite their hardships. Plus, many of them have now found loving homes!

Donna Noyes, the kennel owner, was charged with animal cruelty for the way she treated those animals. Her penalty was a $500 fine and a $4,000 restitution. She is also not allowed to keep any animals for the next 5 years.

Once Duncan was healthy and settled into a nice foster home, the staff at the Animal Refuge League filled out a Puppy Bowl application for him and two other pups. Luckily, Duncan made the starting lineup for Team Fluff. He was ready to for his chance in the spotlight!

Duncan’s Puppy Bowl Victory!

Duncan was a star during the 2020 Puppy Bowl. He was a key player in the starting lineup, and his cute puppy face won over many fans. In the end, Team Fluff took the victory, making Duncan as proud as can be!

Not only was Duncan an adorable team player, but his story also inspired many viewers. He played on behalf of all the dogs out there looking for a forever home.

“He came from a state seizure, from a tough beginning. Now he’s romping on the field, trying to score touchdowns, so it’s a great way to show his growth and his success,” said Jeana Roth with the Animal Refuge League. “It’s a really great way to showcase adoption and to advocate for the work shelters do.”

Even before Duncan made his TV debut, he found the perfect family. The Herricks first met Duncan because their neighbor was the one fostering him. The family spent some time with him and quickly learned that he was the perfect companion for them and their other rescue dog. 

Not only did Duncan become a hero on the Puppy Bowl, but now he gets to go home to a family that loves him. Hopefully his journey to fame has shown the world how important it is to rescue dogs!

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