Dog Lover Travels Cross-Country To Save His Dog From Kill Shelter

Jeff and Joy Farmer from Kentucky were heartbroken when their sweet 14-year-old Lab passed away. The family was unsure if they were ready to open their hearts to another dog just yet. However, everything changed when they met Cali. When they saw Cali’s picture online at a California kill shelter, they fell in love. They were able to meet with her in Las Vegas, and they knew right away that she was the perfect dog for their family.

Cali was set to be euthanized the following Tuesday, but the Farmers couldn’t let that happen. They saw the look of fear in the poor pup’s eyes, and they knew they had to save her. They adopted her and made plans to bring her home.

The Farmers wanted to bring Cali home as soon as possible, but they were unable to fly her back with them from Vegas. So they hired someone to transport her to Kentucky. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go as planned.

Cali the Escape Artist

Jeff handed over Cali’s leash and told the transporting company to keep a close eye on her. However, Cali ended up escaping them in Vegas nearly right away. The Farmers were disappointed, but they knew they had to find their new family member.

The family created lots of social media posts about Cali’s disappearance. Many people shared these posts and helped keep an eye out for Cali, including an organization called the Las Vegas Trapping Girls. This organization made it their goal to help the family find Cali as soon as possible. 

“She was on the loose for 7 days,” said Jeff. “My kids were very upset, and my wife was. I was pretty angry.”

Jeff was on the phone with the Trapping Girls when Cali was finally captured. They had set up the trap, and within a few minutes, Cali had been found! The Farmers were both amazed and relieved that their sweet rescue pup was safe.

The Road Trip Home 

This time, the Farmers wanted to make sure Cali’s trip home went as smoothly as possible. So, Jeff decided to pick her up himself. He hopped on the next flight to Vegas, and got a rental car to transport him and Cali home. It would be a long trip from Nevada to Kentucky, but the Farmers knew Cali was worth it.

Cali and Jeff made many stops along the way, including some sight-seeing in Utah. This trip gave her plenty of time to bond with her new dad too!

Now, Cali is safe and sound in her new home. It will still take her a while to fully adjust to her new surroundings, but it’s already clear to tell that she feels safer and happier with the Farmers. After all, they saved her life!

The Farmers even created an Instagram page to share updates on Cali’s progress. Not everyone would’ve gone to the lengths this family went through to get their new rescue dog home, but all the photos of Cali prove that it was worth it in the end!

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