Dog Who Spent Most Of His Life In A Shelter Goes On A Ferris Bueller Adventure

Fido is a 4-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix. Sadly, he has been at a shelter for 3 years of his life. When he was just a puppy, he was brought to ALIVE Rescue in Chicago. His first family loved him very much, but they surrendered him because they said having a dog around was too overwhelming for them. The staff at ALIVE Rescue have closely bonded with Fido, but he is still searching for a loving place to call home. 

When Fido first arrived at the shelter, he was very timid. The staff often sat with him and offered him treats, so eventually, he warmed up to them. They love having him around, but they really want to help him find a forever home.

Fido is a sweet dog that gets along with dogs and smaller groups of people, but for some reason, he is often overlooked. He has had seizures in the past, but he has not had a seizure since he started taking medicine for it. So, he just needs a family that is willing to keep up with his schedule and give him the love he deserves.

Fido’s Day Off

To help Fido get adopted, the staff at ALIVE Rescue decided to take him on an exciting adventure. They gave him a day off from the shelter, similar to the adventures in the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

During his trip, Fido wore a vest just like Bueller’s in the movie. He visited lots of different places around Chicago including Wrigley Field, the Art Institute, and Michigan Avenue. Throughout the experience, they took photos of Fido and posted them on their social media to help gain him some attention.

When people saw the adorable photos from Fido’s day off, they shared them, causing the dog to gain attention quickly. However, no one has adopted him just yet. 

The staff at ALIVE Rescue said that Fido has been doing great in his foster home. He is such a loving dog, so they can’t believe that he hasn’t been adopted yet. He loves going for walks, playing one-on-one with other dogs, and hanging out with people.

The rescue has even created an Instagram page for Fido to help share his story even further. They post adorable photos of him regularly, and he has over 350 followers so far.

If you or someone you know would love to adopt Fido, please visit ALIVE Rescue’s website. He is such an amazing dog, so the sooner he can find a family to love him, the better!

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