Dog Who Was Never Loved Refuses To Let Her New Dad Go Out Of Her Sight

A deaf Pit bull dog named Blu, was a victim of human neglect and spent her whole life living in a tiny room, the poor animal never experienced care and love during her life

When a dog spends most of his life being unwanted and unloved, the scars of that have taken time to heal.

Image result for Dog The one who has never been loved refuses to let her new dad out of her sight A deaf Pit bull dog named Blu, was a victim of human neglect and spent her whole life living during a tiny room, the poor animal never experienced care and love during her life. The cruel owners decided to send her on a shelter, but her destiny was sealed there when she got placed on the ‘’death list’’.

But fortunately, the rescuers of the Family Dog Rescue took her in to undertake and help her find a replacement owner, tons of people visited the shelter daily but Blu didn’t find anyone that was curious about taking her in, maybe because a deaf dog made people reluctant in adopting her, but her impairment didn’t stop Sean Stevens to like unconditionally.

“[The rescue volunteers] allow us to know that she didn’t get very many visitors due to her deafness and a few behavioral issues which may make walking her slightly difficult,” Stevens said. “She doesn’t really skills to interact with other dogs. She gets very excited, and since she is deaf she can’t hear once they start growling or barking at her to prevent .” Stevens got tons of warnings that he got from the rescuers, he knew it had been good to adopt her. “It was pretty immediately after meeting her that we fell for her,” Stevens said. “Blu is such a sweet girl and that we both recognized that when she visited an honest home her personality would blossom.”

Blu loved to need walks and spend time outdoors, but once inside the house her attitude would immediately change, she wouldn’t stop watching her dads and therefore, the anxiety would take her over. “She would refuse to seem far away from us albeit she was obviously exhausted,” Stevens said. “We knew she was tired because she wasn’t trying to urge us to play together with her ball or with the stack of toys that we got for her, but was instead sitting and watching us.” The dog had a weird behavior, she wouldn’t sleep even when she was exhausted and very sleepy, the owners shared their concerns on the Reddit community explaining how she was frightened of falling asleep because she believed they might return her back to the shelter.

It was all so weird she would always find an area where she could have a transparent view of her dads. “Recently, she has began to get a touch agitated with us whenever we don’t attend sleep when she wants to,” Stevens said. “She has began to enter circles barking at nothing especially until we go lay in bed together with her. Once we are in bed she is going to curl at rock bottom of the bed and watch us until we turn the lights out.” Brue is very happy to share the bed with Mark and Stevens. “When it’s time to awaken she gets extremely excited and her tail wags really hard almost slapping her face,” Stevens noted. “It’s probably the cutest thing within the world.”

Blu is learning to slowly put her previous life in the past and enjoy being surrounded by people who love her. “She’s a stubborn and constant dog who is beginning to be a touch more vulnerable with us,” Stevens said. “She lets us pet her belly now, which she wouldn’t do at the beginning .”

“It’s each day at a time kind of life for her,” Stevens added. “And a day gets easier for her to understand that she has found a home.” We hope that Blu will never face rejection and not being loved again.

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