Emaciated Pit Bull Tied To Tree Raises Questions About Abuse Incidents

 Only a week after a man found a Chihuahua in a urine-soaked bag on railroad tracks, another abused dog has been located near Vineland, New Jersey. The two neglect cases seem very similar, causing people to wonder if they’re somehow linked.

While officials investigate both situations, animal rescue volunteers continue to care for the dogs in any way possible. The most recent neglect involved a young Pit Bull who was only skin and bones. Yet, despite everything she has been through, she’s full of love. So, she seems determined to survive and get a second chance at life.

A Second Dog Abandonment Case

A group of joggers found a severely malnourished Pit Bull tied to a tree. At the time, she was 26 pounds, which was about half of her ideal weight. She also had injuries on her tail and feet.

Someone called for help, and the dog was rushed to a vet for an emergency check-up. Despite suffering from obvious abuse, the dog was extremely loving and welcomed the affection of humans. The South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter took her in and named her Ladybug.

“We’re not sure what happened to her or why she was neglected and discarded, but we do know that she is ridiculously sweet and adorable,” the shelter wrote on their Facebook page.

Ladybug’s rescue happened only a week after Coco the Chihuahua was found in a urine-soaked bag. Both neglect situations happened close to each other in Cumberland County, New Jersey. It’s unclear if they’re related or if it’s just a coincidence.

Both Dogs Are Thriving!

Luckily, both Ladybug and Coco are doing well since arriving at the shelter. Coco has been doing great in her foster home, and she now has a loving family getting ready to adopt her.

Ladybug has gained a little weight since her arrival, but she still has a long road to recovery ahead of her. She is in foster care, and she will be put up for adoption once she has recovered enough. For now, she’s living life to the fullest!

The Millville Police Department is currently investigating Ladybug’s case. If you know anything about her past, you can contact them at 856-825-7010. Then, the Vineland Police Department is in charge of Coco’s situation. PETA has contributed to a $6,000 reward for anyone that gives information leading to Coco’s abuser. If you have information about Coco, please call 856-691-4111.

Hopefully, both dogs will get justice soon. No dog should have to go through the torture these pups endured, but luckily, they’re both safe and loved now.

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