Firefighters Save Two Dogs Trapped On A Waterfall In Jaw-Dropping Rescue Mission

 A Good Samaritan placed a call to 911 after stumbling across two pups in a desperate situation. While walking the path near Shequagua Falls, she heard the barks of two furry friends that managed to escape their owners. Not only were they on the run, but they somehow found themselves on a tiny ledge above the slippery waterfall.

Unable to go anywhere but down, these pups were facing imminent danger without the help of some brave rescuers. The Montour Falls Fire Department answered the call.

It’s unclear how the dogs managed to get themselves in this situation, as no clear path could allow for an easy rescue. Once the Good Samaritan realized there was no way for her to help them, she made the call that began the impressive rescue mission.

When firefighters arrived on the scene, it was clear how challenging this mission would be. It was a steep drop to the spot in which the dogs were located, so the rescue team had to get creative in determining the best way to capture them. After doing some quick brainstorming, they decided that a rope rescue was needed.

As onlookers began to gather around the scene, locals captured the rescue mission in a video that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Assistant Chief Brian Swartwood signed himself up for the brave rescue and began to set up the bungee system that would propel him to the scene.

“We placed a harness on the dogs and raised them back up to safety.” – Brian Swartwood

The video captures Swartwood propelling slowly down the slick cliff, inching his way closer and closer to the terrified pups. The two dogs are captured barking at the firefighter as he moves closer, likely eager to meet their incoming savior. As he nears the ledge, you can see one of the dogs climbing up to Swartwood, ready to offer him a greeting in exchange for his bravery.

Once Swartwood places his feet on the ledge, the first dog initially jumps back, only to scoot closer to his rescuer once he realizes Swartwood means no harm. The two spend a few minutes warming up to each other, allowing Swartwood to place the rope around the dog’s body.

Once the ropes are secure, Swartwood begins to inch his way back up the cliff with the pup in tow. You can see him comforting the nervous pup each step of the way.

As the pair finally makes it to the top, the dog is pulled to safety by another dog-loving firefighter, and the same process is repeated with the second pup.

As the story developed, it turns out that the owners of the dogs were contacted and waiting at the top of the cliff for their beloved furry friends. Both dogs were reunited with their parents, offering a happy ending to everyone involved!

We’re not sure how the dogs escaped their fur parents and ended up on the falls, but we are so happy that they were able to make it out unscathed. A special thanks to everyone involved in their incredible rescue!

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