Former Bait Dog Still Needs A Loving Home After 700 Days In The Shelter

No dog deserves to be sitting at a shelter for hundreds of days, but unfortunately, that is the case for Jack Sparrow. Jack Sparrow is not a pirate, but instead, he is a sweet 9-year-old Pit Bull that was a bait dog from a Syracuse dog-fighting cruelty case. Now, this sweet dog has been waiting at CNY SPCA for more than 700 days. He doesn’t know what a loving home is like, but he desperately wants to find out.

Due to his rough past, Jack Sparrow has many injuries. He is almost completely blind in one eye and he has scars on his body. He might not look like every other dog, but he has a big heart. Dee Schaefer from CNY SPCA has gotten to know Jack Sparrow very well during his time at the shelter. She strongly believes that he will find a forever home soon.

“I’m determined to find this dog a home,” Schaefer said. “He deserves, in the last years of his life, to understand what a loving home is like. He doesn’t deserve to be in the shelter forever.”

Jack Sparrow’s Life at the Shelter

At the shelter so far, Jack Sparrow has received lots of love not only from the staff, but from many Good Samaritans as well. Journalist Farah Jadran was very moved by Jack Sparrow’s story, so she shared a post on Facebook about him a while back. It was shared thousands of times, but no one ended up adopting him.

Some families expressed interest in Jack Sparrow after that post was made, but unfortunately, they were unable to go through with the adoption because of breed restrictions where they lived. Luckily, some good did come out of the post.

One of the families that was unable to adopt Jack Sparrow decided to sponsor him. They paid for his adoption fee to make it free for the family that decides to bring him home. Also, another individual came forward to purchase an orthopedic bed for him, and whoever adopts him will bring that bed home with them as well.

Recently, the staff at the shelter even arranged for Jack Sparrow to have a “day out”. He wore an adorable holiday sweater while he went to visit the Syracuse Christmas tree and watch carolers. He made lots of new friends during his outing, but he still hadn’t found anyone to adopt him.

Help Jack Sparrow Get Adopted!

Despite going through so much in his life, Jack Sparrow really doesn’t need much from his new family. He needs to be the only dog in his household due to the traumatic experiences he had as a bait dog, but other than that, he just needs a loving family.

While he was at the shelter, he had to be treated for heartworm. Now, he has been completely treated and has beaten it. He still has to take a heartworm maintenance medication for the rest of his life, but Schaefer says that it costs no more than what a dog would normally take monthly. 

“He just needs love,” said Schaefer. “And he needs someone to understand him.”

Jack Sparrow is ready to find his forever family. Most importantly, he’s ready to find out what a loving home really feels like. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting him, please contact the CNY SPCA to make the rest of Jack Sparrow’s life amazing, just like he deserves.

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