Formerly ‘Aggressive’ Dogs Are Saving The World’s Deadliest Cat

When dogs show signs of aggression, many people give up on them without giving them a second chance. Sadly, one wrong move and a perfectly capable dog could be at risk of euthanasia. That’s why Purposefully Lost became the world’s first canine research conservation. They wanted to be able to save dogs like Dougal, Elliot, Pepper, and Alan. Without this amazing organization, these smart dogs never would’ve been given a chance.

Now, these four amazing pups have an extremely important task to take on. They have been selected to help save the Black-footed Cat, a breed that is known as the world’s deadliest cat.

Meet the Incredible Dogs

Dougal, Elliot, Pepper, and Alan all arrived at Purposefully Lost because they had behavioral issues. They all displayed some forms of aggression including biting people and killing livestock. Because of this, their previous families got rid of them.

Dougal and Elliot are brothers that were eventually brought back together thanks to Purposefully Lost. Dougal came to the organization at only 2 months old, but Elliot wasn’t rescued until he was 18 months old. They are smart working dogs, but unfortunately, their previous families didn’t understand how much work and training they needed.

Elliot’s family surrendered him because he bit two of the family members. If he hadn’t been saved, his life might’ve come to an end at that point. But Purposefully Lost was extra patient with him and gave him the training he needed. He’s never bitten anyone since he’s been rescued because now he’s getting proper care and love.

Pepper and Alan were also saved thanks to this organization, but Alan’s situation was one of the saddest. He was abused in the past and he was kept in a small, outdoor cage for at least 6 months. He didn’t even have a blanket to sleep on.

Now, all 4 dogs have grown so much since they were first rescued and they have proven to be excellent working dogs. So, when Michelle Schroeder with Black-footed Cat Working Group asked for help, Purposefully Lost knew that these 4 dogs were the perfect dogs for the job.

Saving the Deadliest Cat

The Black-footed Cat might look like an adorable house cat, but their looks and size don’t make them any less deadly. They have a 60% success rate when it comes to hunting, which is the highest rate of any wild cat. They are fast and skilled, and they can even snatch birds right out of the sky!

Despite being so deadly, the Black-footed Cat is endangered and very rare. Therefore, Schroeder was looking for someone to help her locate the species to prevent them from going extinct. These 4 dogs were trained to find the cat’s scat.

Schroeder spent a lot of time training these dogs for their new role. She had to be patient and kind to them in order to get the best results. Luckily, all the training paid off because the dogs have shown great success so far.

Within 12 days, Dougal, Elliot, and Pepper all found their first scat without the help of any treats. Alan has yet to find his first scat, but Schroeder refuses to give up on him. Despite his rough past, Alan shows strong signs of determination, so Purposefully Lost is confident that he will be successful too. 

If it weren’t for Purposefully Lost, these 4 dogs likely wouldn’t even be alive today. However, they were able to completely turn their lives around. Now, they’re helping save the lives of other animals. Their incredible growth proves that no matter how bad things are, they can always get better with determination. If these smart dogs keep at it, they could save the entire Black-footed Cat species!

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