Heartbroken Dog Found With Metal Wire Clamping Her Mouth Shut

 WARNING: Images may be sensitive to some readers.

The Kansas Humane Society (KHS) recently witnessed one of the most heartbreaking stories. A kind stranger came across a dog whose mouth was tied shut with a metal wire, so they rushed her to Wichita Animal Services. The wiring had been there so long that it caused deep lacerations, which exposed the dog’s bones and tissue on her nose.

This dog deserved a second chance at life, so the humane society stepped in to offer emergency housing and medical care. The pup might not know it yet, but everything is about to change for the better.

Life-Saving Care

The humane society placed the dog in an emergency foster home with Chollet Bucl. They haven’t chosen a name for her yet, but they’re leaning toward “Cutie.” Despite all the abuse and neglect the dog endured, she is very sweet toward humans.

“It is absolutely heartbreaking to see abuse like this, especially when the dog is still incredibly friendly and loving despite the horrors she has been through,” KHS wrote on Facebook. “She loves being around people and wants nothing more than your love and attention. She’s now with one of our most experienced foster families.”

In addition to her medical treatment, she’s on antibiotics and medications to keep her comfortable. In her loving foster home, she also has a cozy bed to relax in. As time goes on, vets will continue to evaluate her to see if more serious treatment is needed.

Things Are Looking Up

Everyone involved hopes that the person who did this will be punished, but they currently have no leads. Instead of focusing on an investigation, they want to ensure that the dog stays happy and healthy first.

“It’s really tragic when someone tries to go to this extreme and injure a dog,” said Bucl. “She’s a good girl.”

This sweet canine already has a list of adopters ready to give her a forever home. Bucl has helped pick the best applicant who will take her home once she’s in good health and done with all her treatments.

KHS urges anyone that sees animal abuse or neglect to report it right away. Sadly, many of these abusers get away with it, leaving the dogs with life-long trauma. So, it’s important to take action. You can also make a difference by donating to the KHS emergency medical fund to help cover costs for dogs recovering from abuse.

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