Lonely Pit Bull Mix Still Needs A Home After 722 Days And Counting

For some rescue dogs, finding a family is easy. But for others, it can seem to drag on forever. Drools the 4-year-old Pit Bull and Boxer mix has been waiting for his adoption day for 722 days so far. And he still needs to find that perfect family.

Conour Animal Shelter in Monte Vista, Colorado says that Drools is the perfect companion. Like all dogs, he has some specific requests for his new home, but all he really wants is someone to give him love and cuddles. Please help him find his perfect human!

Drools’ Journey

Drools was surrendered to the shelter almost two years ago now. Despite being so sweet and gentle, he has had a difficult time getting adopted. The staff thinks it’s likely because the shelter is in a rural area, so the adoptable dogs don’t get a ton of publicity. Luckily, Kacey Widetich with Relay for Rescue and a few of her colleagues stepped up to help.

“There’s not a lot of exposure because of [the shelter’s] location,” Widetich said. “And because we’re kind of particular about what kind of forever home he goes to. He does need to go to a home where he’ll be the only pet, no other dogs or cats.”

First, the Relay for Rescue staff helped make sure Drools was up to date on all his vaccinations. They also spent lots of time playing with him and getting to know him. While he might not get along with all dogs and cats, he seems to love all people, even children. However, he might seem shy at first when meeting new people.

But Relay for Rescue’s goal was about much more than just providing care and exposure for Drools. They decided to take their commitment to the next level. So, they scheduled a sleepover with him on his 716th day at the shelter.

An Ongoing Sleepover!

The kind volunteers with Relay for Rescue vowed to sleep at the shelter with Drools every night until he was adopted. They set up a room near the shelter’s entrance where they could comfortably rest with Drools. They said he loves to cuddle up right beside them at night.

During their stay at the shelter, they’re also capturing photos and videos of their experiences. They share these adorable moments on Facebook, including him receiving a basket full of toys and him getting a well-deserved bath. Drools has moderate energy and activity levels, and he just loves to be pet as much as possible.

If you or someone you know lives in Colorado and is interested in adopting Drools, please contact Relay for Rescue or Conour Animal Shelter. He deserves to have his happily ever after soon!

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