Longest Shelter Resident “Roofus Floofus” Has Adorable Birthday Pawty

Roofus Floofus has an unforgettable name, but he has been waiting for a forever family for far too long. He’s fluffy, smiley, and sweet. Yet, he’s been sitting at Lifeline Animal Project in Georgia for over two years now! He gets lots of love at the shelter, but it’s no match for a real home. Roofus Floofus wants a family that can love him for who he is.

To help this sweet pup get adopted, shelter staff threw him a 7th birthday party, complete with tiny party hats and fellow rescue dogs. It’s impossible to resist the cute photos from this event!

Why Hasn’t Roofus Floofus Been Adopted?

Roofus Floofus is a good dog. But sadly, the longer an animal is at a shelter, the less their true personality shines through. The sweet pup is so used to seeing humans come and go that it’s hard for him to get excited about them anymore. So, he acts more shy and aloof when people come to meet him. But staff and volunteers know that’s not the true Roofus.

It’s hard for Roofus’ true personality to show at a noisy shelter. But if someone is willing to let him warm up to them, he will be extra friendly. When volunteers take him outside throughout the day, he truly comes to life.

Of course, Roofus Floofus has many other positive qualities, too. He loves to spend time outside, but he doesn’t need a crazy amount of exercise. He is normally just a very sweet and calm boy. Plus, he is fully house-trained, and he gets along well with other calm dogs. Roofus also has lots of good manners since he’s very respectful around food.

He’s the whole package! Now, he just needs a family that’s willing to be patient with him and show him some love.

Help Him Find Happiness!

Roofus Floofus deserves a happily ever after. That’s why Lifeline Animal Project gave him the 7th birthday of a lifetime. Since he has been at the shelter for over two years, any excuse to get out and explore is exciting to him. Plus, he had plenty of humans and dogs to keep him company at his party. But a shelter birthday just isn’t the same as one with a forever family.

This lovable pup isn’t getting any younger, so if you’re interested in adopting him, please contact LifeLine Animal Project. He is located at the shelter in Atlanta on Presidential Drive. If you’re unable to commit to adopting him, consider fostering. The shelter wants to make sure his next birthday is spent in the comfort of a loving home!

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