Man Spots “A Piece Of Carboard” Lying In The Road In -45 Degree Weather

 Six weeks ago, North Dakota dispatcher Tami Moore saved a Pit Bull named Dreamer. Yet, she never thought she’d see the dog looking so alive and well. When Moore rescued Dreamer, the dog was abandoned when it was -45 degrees Fahrenheit. Dreamer was only skin and bones, and her body temperature was dangerously low.

But about a month and a half later, volunteers at a local rescue brought Dreamer to the sheriff’s office for a reunion. At first, Moore couldn’t believe she was the same dog. Her transformation is incredible, and it’s all because of the kind people who knew she was worth saving.

Fighting to Survive

Moore responded to a call from a man who spotted Dreamer lying in the road. He thought she was a piece of cardboard until he realized she was a dog on the brink of death. Someone had abandoned the malnourished dog as the temperature fell to -45 degrees with the wind chill.

Deputies wrapped Dreamer in blankets and used soda bottles filled with hot water to warm her up. They rushed her to a vet for emergency care, which likely saved her life. The vets found that her temperature was too low to read and her heart rate was only 35. They guessed that she only had a 50% chance of survival.

“Dreamer looked like she was about seconds away from death, to put it lightly,” said Ashlyn Peppler, a vet technician.

After a day of fighting for her life, Dreamer was discharged from the vet and brought to Journey Home Animal Rescue. She wasn’t out of the woods yet, but volunteers and staff members were determined to help her thrive. A special diet, medications, monitoring, and warm cuddles all played a role in saving her life.

Dreams Do Come True

Every day, Dreamer continues to improve. She’s so full of life compared to where she was six weeks ago. She’s currently in a loving foster home, and she’ll be put up for adoption once she has fully recovered. Her foster parents have been spoiling her because if anyone deserves to be pampered, it’s her!

“It just reminds me this is why I do this. Just for her to be the dog that she is now, considering what she went through, is amazing in itself,” said Peppler.

Dreamer’s former owner was located and charged with animal cruelty and abandonment for neglecting the innocent dog. If convicted, they could face several years in prison, giving Dreamer some well-deserved justice.

After this incident, Journey Home Animal Rescue reminded dog parents that our pets cannot survive extreme winter temperatures in North Dakota. If someone is unable to provide their dog with the bare minimum of food, water, and adequate shelter, they shouldn’t abandon their dog. Instead, they should talk to the rescue to find humane alternatives. Rescue staff would rather have someone ask for help than put a dog in more danger.

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