Mangey Puppy Bunny-Hops Her Way Into Foster Mom’s Heart

 When a tiny puppy known as Chicken arrived at her foster home, her foster mom was shocked. Not only was the pup much tinier than expected, but she had the worst case of mange they’d ever seen. Chicken had to be wrapped in a cozy towel since most of her fur was gone. Courtney Davis welcomed the trembling puppy into her home without a second thought.

Chicken went from being a sick, terrified puppy who could barely move to an energetic dog who thrives on attention. The secret to this canine’s success is love! Having a foster home changed her life.

Puppy Begging to Be Loved

I Stand With My Pack, an animal organization, took Chicken in when she was at the lowest point in her life. The mangey puppy was missing most of her fur, and she had the saddest eyes that begged for help. So, Davis took her home, offered her water, and kept her curled up in a warm blanket.

“We did the first bath, and it was the first time she’s probably had human contact,” said Davis.

On her second day in foster care, Chicken finally accepted the food that was offered to her. She gobbled down fresh chicken, which made her start to realize that things weren’t as scary anymore. Not long after, she stood up and tried to walk on her own for the first time. Her first steps were wobbly, but it was still a miracle.

Thanks to Davis’ dog, Shakes, Chicken grew more comfortable and learned how to act like a dog. It wasn’t long before Davis realized that Chicken needed to become a permanent family member. So, she adopted her!

An Unbelievable Transformation

Davis said it took about two months for Chicken to fully walk on her own and another two months before her fur started growing back. But the more time she spent with the family, the more she came out of her shell. Shakes taught her to play fetch, wrestle, and chew on squeaky toys. The two dogs quickly became best friends.

As Chicken learned to play, she started hopping like a bunny whenever she was excited. At the dog park, she bunny hops her way through the grass and water to keep up with her big brother.

“A lot of her curiosity and confidence came from Shakes,” said Davis. “Chicken was totally a part of the family, and her and Shakes became bonded. She was like, ‘this is my life. This is my ride. I’m hitched into this.’ Yeah, she wasn’t going anywhere.”

Now, Chicken’s fur has fully grown back, and she’s full of energy. You’d never know that she was the scraggly puppy that came in months ago. Her personality shines through, including the way she play fights with Shakes and how she rubs her eyes when she wakes up in the morning.

Davis never expected to add another member to her family, but she says Chicken is the perfect addition. The pup never would’ve gotten where she is today if she hadn’t been surrounded by so many loving, caring humans.

Watch Chicken’s Journey Here:

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