Marnie the Dog’s Social Media Will Live On Through Her Sister

Instagram star Marnie the Dog passed away not too long ago, leaving thousands of dog lovers devastated. Marnie was adopted as a senior dog, and she ended up living all the way until 18 years old. Her account was full of cute photos, and her journey encouraged many others to adopt senior dogs too.

Luckily, Shirley Braha, Marnie’s mom, made it clear that the social media page will continue to run. In fact, she recently introduced a new furry friend: Marnie’s sister, Phyllis, who is also a senior rescue dog.

Who is Phyllis?

About two weeks before Marnie passed away, Braha introduced a new family member on social media. She shared a photo of Marnie with another senior dog named Gilda. Braha had met Gilda at a nearby shelter and immediately fell in love. So, she adopted her, just like how she had adopted Marnie years ago.

After Marnie passed away, Braha was devastated as any dog parent would be. She shared very few posts on social media, leaving fans to wonder if the accounts would remain active. A memory of Marnie was shared now and then, but not much beyond that. Then, Braha finally shared an adorable video update on Gilda. She announced that she renamed her Phyllis because it suited her better.

“She is also a senior rescue dog,” Braha posted on Facebook. “Her name was Gilda but once I got to know her personality, she seemed more like a Phyllis, so it’s Phyllis now.”

Adopt Senior Dogs!

Similarly to Marnie, Phyllis was a senior dog in a shelter. She was likely overlooked simply due to her age like many other rescue dogs are. However, Braha wants the world to see how amazing adopting a senior dog is. She has stated that she will keep Marnie’s social media pages alive, and it looks like Phyllis will be the new advocate for rescue dogs.

In a recent video posted on Facebook, Phyllis is walking up a flight of stairs excitedly. Apparently, the sweet little dog just loves climbing stairs. So, Braha often takes her on walks specifically near stairs.

“I was worried there would never be room in my heart to love another dog after Marnie, but I’m so grateful to have [Phyllis],” posted Braha. “Here’s a cute video of her climbing stairs yesterday. She doesn’t even live here, she just likes stairs.”

Losing a dog is incredibly difficult. After all, Marnie’s death brought tears to people all over the world. As hard as it might be to open your heart to another dog, Braha shows that it’s possible. Phyllis will never replace Marnie, but Braha is happy to have her in her life. There are so many senior dogs out there looking for a loving home, so please consider a senior next time you adopt a dog.

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