Molly Has Spent 11 Needless Years In A Shelter Waiting For A Home

Living in an animal shelter for any amount of time is too much for a dog. Imagine having to live there for months, or years. Now try to imagine living in a shelter for over a decade. Molly, a dog who was found as a stray at just 8 months old, has lived in a UK shelter for 11 years.

Now that she’s in her golden years, all the shelter staff wants is to see her find her forever family. Celine Di Crocco, manager at Dogs Trust, Loughborough, said:

“Molly is a very special girl with a big heart and we would love her to finally find the home she deserves.”

Molly’s behavioral issues likely have something to do with her predicament, but who could blame her? Molly is a bit anxious around men so she would need to go home with a single adult female ideally. The adoption process for Molly will be a slow one, so she can gradually adjust to her new life.

“She finds it easier to bond with one person so this would make it easier for her to settle in the new home. Molly can live with adults only and no other pets.”

“The Ideal House Guest”

Poor Molly never had a home to call her own. Di Crocco said that the dog has been in her house though, and behaved perfectly.

“Although she has unfortunately not spent much time in a home, Molly has stayed with me and she was the ideal house guest… She was perfectly comfortable with all the different sounds and smells, slept in the lounge at night and we enjoyed a cuddle on the sofa in the evening.”

Di Crocco also hoped that someone would have rescued Molly by this past September.

“She had a really tough start in life, but every dog really does deserve a loving family and we’re hoping that this Grandparent’s Day, Molly finally gets to meet hers.”

In spite of everything, the Dogs Trust staff will do everything they can to ensure Molly is taken care of.

“We look after all of our dogs until the time is right for them to head home with their very own family, however long that takes, so Molly will be with us until that day comes, but we would like to think her wait will soon be over.”

Spread the word on this sweet gal if you’re unable to adopt her. She deserves a life outside of a kennel!

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