Name An Adoptable Dog After A Real-Life Hero!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s become very clear who the real-life heroes in this world are. There are so many individuals that continue to work and save lives despite all the risks. Many of these people deserve much more recognition than they get. So, a New York City dog rescue decided to help honor them.

Hearts & Bones Rescue is currently naming all their adoptable dogs after real-life heroes. They hope that these special names can help give all the hardworking people the respect and honor they deserve while also helping dogs get adopted.

The rescue will not be choosing these names themselves though. Instead, they’d like to reach out to the community for name suggestions. They’re encouraging dog lovers to nominate their own real-life heroes for these rescue dogs.

The names that are chosen will be featured in each dog’s bio. Their description will have a little bit of information about the dog, along with some information about the person they were named after. Here is the first hero dog bio they posted:

“First up, introducing the amazing PA Beka! This gorgeous [Saint Bernard] gal is named after our very own medical team member Beka, who works as a physician assistant in NYC. After a long shift treating patients with COVID, Beka will immediately check-in with the HBR medical team to see if our dogs need anything.”

How to Nominate a Hero

Anyone can nominate a hero for this. In fact, the rescue has already received many great names in only a few days. Several dogs with hero names have even gotten adopted in just a short amount of time. It’s truly a heartwarming way to recognize the people who are making a difference out there.

“We want your help – nominate a healthcare worker (doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants, EMTS, etc.) at the link in our bio to have a dog named after them! Tell us why you’re nominating them and make sure to send the link in the form along to them so we can get their permission,” Hearts & Bones Rescue wrote on Facebook.

To nominate a real-life hero, all you have to do is click on this link. Then, it will send you to the form where you can fill out some basic information about you and the healthcare worker you’re nominating. Make sure to write why that person is such an incredible hero. There are so many heroes out there that need recognition, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, so this is such an amazing way to spread the word.

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