Officer Squeezes Under House To Save Terrified Dog Hit By Car

 Animal control officer Patrick Houck faced an unusual situation when he got a call about a dog hiding under someone’s home. Yet, he didn’t think twice about rushing to the rescue. A tiny Pug mix had gotten hit by a car in St. Petersburg. Out of fear, the pup ran off and squeezed into a crawl space under someone’s trailer. The pup was frozen in fear and refusing to come out on his own.

But Houck was patient and gentle with the dog. He took his time trying to make sure the dog came out of the crawl space without any additional injuries.

A Tricky Hiding Place

The dog, who animal control later named Petey, found the trickiest hiding spot possible. He was able to go so deep under the house that humans couldn’t reach him from outside. No one knew where the dog came from, and the home was not familiar to him.

“He was terrified,” said Houck. “Showing up there I really had no idea how I was going to get access to the dog, he was so far under this trailer, but you could shine a flashlight and see [he] needed help.”

Houck had to move bricks around to make enough space for him to crawl under the home. He squeezed into the crawl space after the pup and scooped him up with a net. The poor dog seemed too scared and weak to resist, so Houck was able to pull him to safety.

Other animal control workers cheered as Houck pulled the small dog out of the hiding space. They wrapped a blanket around him and rushed him to a nearby vet.

Petey Gets Pulled to Safety

Now, Petey is recovering in the care of Pinellas County Animal Services. He’s receiving treatment for his injuries, and the staff keeps rewarding him with lots of treats too. He’s acting much more cheerful since his rescue!

Officer Houck loves saving animals in need. He said it’s the reason he comes to work every day. His dog passed away last year, but he continues to find joy by helping more animals.

“‘Petey’, the pug mix, is currently resting comfortably in our care thanks to the heroic efforts of team members like Officer Houck! During his career with Animal Services, Officer Houck has crawled into sewer drains, been lowered off a sea wall to rescue a dog, scooped up kittens out of ditches, and will continue to do whatever it takes to save a life,” Pinellas County Animal Services wrote on Facebook.

Animal services is currently looking for a forever family for Petey. But until he finds the perfect one, he will continue to heal and be pampered in a cozy kennel space.

Watch the Rescue Here:

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