Once A Pawn, Blind Boy Now Wheeled Around In Wagon Needs Family

 An affectionate, blind boy named Turkey, who was rescued from a suspected dogfighting operation, now gets wheeled around in a special wagon and is looking for a forever home. This sweet snuggler was rescued during the largest dogfighting raid in Michigan history. On that day, Bark Nation, along with local law enforcement, rescued 108 abused, mistreated, and neglected dogs from the premises. 

Dogfighting is a blood sport where dogs are specifically bred for the sole purpose of fighting one another for entertainment. Unfortunately, the dogfighting epidemic is still absolutely out of control in our country. While it is already a felony to both orchestrate or even to be present at a dog fight in every state, dogfighting is still happening and actively being busted all over the country, all the time.

Despite living such a terrifying life, Turkey remains incredibly loving and gentle. Within the dogfighting ring, this handsome hunk was force-bred and used as a pawn. When he was found, volunteers immediately suspected that he had eye injuries. Then it was later confirmed while he received his thorough medical examination, that this sweet soul is indeed fully blind. 

“His eye injuries are likely from the trauma endured in dogfighting. We can’t imagine how traumatic it must have been for him, to live outside, not protected from the elements, and be fully blind,” said Jessica Brown, director of operations at Bark Nation.

During the raid, rescuers found that 25 of the dogs were only puppies, and that three mama dogs were pregnant. (Mamas who went on to birth 12 more pups.)  It was during the raid when Turkey was found to be living outside, tied up with a heavy chain and using only a busted-up, broken “dog house” for shelter.

All of the dogs were only able to walk as far as their heavy chains allowed, and only had thin makeshift wooden dog houses or a barrel for protection. How scary must it have been for Turkey to be living fully blind outside and almost fully exposed to all of the Michigan elements.

“Walking through doors and outside can be scary for Turkey, especially when there are a lot of loud noises. So our team got a special wagon that we now wheel Turkey outside in every day,” said Jessica.

Turkey can find the outdoors to be incredibly overwhelming. so he is often wheeled around in his own personal wagon that’s fit for the king that he is. Turkey has already won over the hearts of each of Bark Nation Detroit’s many volunteers, but now this sweet boy is looking for a foster home or even a forever family where he will be a well loved, pampered pooch for the rest of his post dogfighting life.

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