Permanently Smiling Dog Needs Massive Donation To Save His Life

When people meet Jasper, the 8-pound Chihuahua mix, the first thing they notice is his charming smile. Jasper has a permanent smile, so he always looks like the happiest pup in the world. But sadly, Jasper’s signature grin is a neurological condition that likely causes him pain. Finding the cause and cure for his condition certainly isn’t cheap either.

So, Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California is asking for donations to help with sweet Jasper’s medical needs. Right now, he might look happy, but this rescue dog deserves to feel that happy too!

Hidden Behind a Smile

Jasper’s unique facial expression makes many people smile in return. But the shelter staff suspect that he has nerve damage that forces his mouth and ears to stay upright. He plays and cuddles just like all the other dogs, but he likely has many underlying issues that you might not notice.

The testing and treatments for Jasper’s condition could cost thousands of dollars, which the shelter doesn’t have to spare. So, they shared an adorable video of him on Facebook, urging followers to donate some money to help him.

“So far it’s looking like it will be around $4,000, but that could add up to more depending on how much treatment he needs and it could be ongoing,” said Haley Waugh with Front Street Animal Shelter.

As the organization tries to reach its goal, the staff are keeping Jasper as comfortable and content as possible. The sooner they figure out his condition and how to treat it, the sooner he can get adopted and live his best life.

Help Jasper Gather Donations!

The shelter still has a lot to learn about Jasper and his medical needs, but it seems that he already has some apparent health problems. His neurological issues cause some twitching, and he also has kidney problems. So, any donations are appreciated, not only to help him but to also help all the animals in their care.

“He might not have the most time left but we’re going to do whatever we can to make the best of it and give him as much time here as we can as comfortably as possible,” said Waugh.

Once they find the root of Jasper’s special smile and start treating him, the shelter staff hope to find the pup his perfect home. If you’d like to help make Jasper’s dreams come true, consider donating to help shelter animals in need. If you’re interested in adopting him, email

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