Photographer Hosts ‘Dinner Pawty’ For Adoptable Dogs

Sometimes rescue dogs just need a chance to shine. Waiting for a forever home can be exhausting and scary, so it’s hard for them to let their true personalities show. However, a photographer known as “The Dographer” knows all about how important a dog’s personality can be, especially for rescues.

This photographer’s career centers around photographing dogs. Their mission is also to find forever homes for as many dogs as possible. So, they partnered with Lil Rascals Dog Rescue to create the most exciting photo shoot yet!

The Dographer decided to throw a dinner party for a few of Lil Rascals’ adoptable dogs. With the rescue’s help, they selected 8 amazing dogs that needed a chance to show their true personalities. They chose dogs of all different ages and breeds.

Thanks to The Dinner Party Project, the ‘dinner pawty’ came to life. They lent their studio space to this adorable event. They even had their sponsor, Tito’s vodka, share plenty of dog supplies for the occasion. All the dogs had a blast, and The Dographer was able to capture each of their unique personalities in the photos.

Meet the Dogs

Oreo and Dwayne Johnson were two of the youngest guests to attend. Both of these puppies were excited to be there. However, their personalities are very different from each other. Oreo could barely contain his excitement, and he took plenty of bites out of his doggie cake. On the other hand, Dwayne Johnson is a bit shy, but he loves to snuggle.

Cali was also one of the younger guests, but she was full of elegance and grace during the event. She wore a beautiful blue dress during the dinner. Of course, she was very well-behaved too.

Major arrived at the shelter unable to use his back legs. He has had a long recovery process, but he’s doing much better now. He has a sweet, energetic personality despite what he’s been through.

There were also a lot of senior dogs at the party. Ludwig is 9 years old, and he needed plenty of treats to get him to pose for a photo. Lil Chip is 15 years old, but he only weighs 5 pounds.

Van Gogh and Dallas are also senior dogs that were happy to attend. They both love to nap and snuggle, but they stayed awake for this dinner party because of all the tasty food! They arrived at the rescue together, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Lil Rascals hopes that they will be adopted together.

Were They Adopted?

The Dographer hoped that this adorable dinner party would help all these dogs find their forever homes. So far, at least 4 of the 8 dogs have been adopted! Oreo, Ludwig, Lil Chip, and Cali have already found their forever families. However, the other guests along with many other adoptable dogs are still waiting for a place to call home.

“I want every shoot to be unique and different,” said The Dographer. “The goal is, after all, to get people to take notice of these dogs and find them homes.”

Lil Rascals Dog Rescue is located in the Orlando, Florida area. If you’d like to adopt any of these dinner party attendees or any of the other available dogs, please fill out an application! These dogs had a blast at this event, but they’d be even happier if they had a family to love them. Please help in any way that you can!

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