Pit Bull Found Severely Underweight With Rocks In His Stomach After Adoption

 Most people who adopt shelter dogs are angels, but there’s a reason some organizations have a tedious background check before adoption. Shelters and rescues care about where their dogs go, so if they’re able, they want to find the perfect fit for each pup. However, not all shelters have the resources to be as patient. On rare occasions, that could cause a dog to end up in the wrong hands.

A 12-year-old Pit Bull was part of a “foster to adopt” situation through The Animal Foundation in Nevada. But sadly, his adoption process didn’t turn out to be the loving situation he’d hoped for.

Everything Goes Downhill

When The Animal Foundation took in the Pit Bull called Anakin, he was a healthy 65-pound dog. He hadn’t been neutered yet when his adopters took him home. The shelter said his adoption would be finalized after his neuter procedure.

However, the Vegas Pet Rescue Project found Anakin in a junkyard a few months later. He only weighed 33 pounds, and he had been eating rocks in an attempt to fill his empty stomach. He could barely walk on his own. His adopters had never reached out to the shelter for help or advice, and they haven’t confessed to the severe neglect.

“He is a senior dog, and for him to be in this condition it is unthinkable that somebody would allow this to happen,” said Tina Hayes, a Vegas Pet Rescue Project volunteer.

Rescuers brought Anakin to the Spencer Springs Animal Hospital for emergency care. An x-ray revealed that his stomach was full of rocks, and his teeth were worn down because of it. Vets estimate that he was starving for at least a few weeks to get to this state.

A Second Chance at Adoption

Now, vets are patiently waiting for Anakin to pass the rest of the rocks and debris through his body. Vets have him on a strict feeding schedule to help him gain back the weight at a healthy pace. After only a few days, he has already started putting on some weight.

“He felt defeated because he felt the world forgot about him, and you can just almost see that in his demeanor,” said Hayes.

The Animal Foundation hasn’t been in contact with the people who were supposed to be caring for the dog. Hopefully, Anakin will eventually get the justice he deserves. But for now, what’s most important is being patient with him as he makes a slow recovery. He’s gaining his weight and confidence back one day at a time.

If you’d like to help cover Anakin’s vet bills, along with the costs of other dogs like him, please donate to Vegas Pet Rescue Project.

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