Quirky Dog Who Has Had 8 Foster Homes In 3 Years “Just Wants To Feel Included”

 A Great Pyrenees named Sasha has had a rough life. Despite being only three years old, she has been in several homes and faced many hardships. Just when she thought she found her happily ever after, her adopter passed away unexpectedly.

Now, Great Pyrenees Rescue Montana is doing everything they can to find a forever home for Sasha. The pup has some quirks, but she’s just as charming and lovable as every other adoptable dog. Volunteers hope that Sasha’s next home will be the one she’ll spend the rest of her life in.

A Series of Disappointments

Sasha started her life at an inhumane petting zoo in Utah. From there, she bounced around to five different homes, all of which were short-term stays. Then, the Great Pyrenees Rescue stepped up to match her with the perfect family. She was quickly adopted by a person who lived alone, so they became best friends.

But sadly, Sasha’s human died suddenly after less than a year together. So, she went back to the rescue and began bouncing between foster homes again. Since then, she has already been at three foster homes, meaning she’s had at least eight temporary living situations throughout her short life. The rescue is determined to give her another perfect adopter.

“She has been moved around all her life, and she’s only three years old,” said Marie Campbell, a volunteer.

Despite being such a sweet girl, no one has expressed interest in adopting her. So, animal advocates are trying to spread the word as much as they can.

Help Sasha Get Adopted!

The main reason Sasha keeps getting overlooked is because she has some special requests. She has shown food aggression toward female dogs in some of her foster homes. She took puppy classes to help her correct those behaviors and learn basic commands, but she still needs an assertive leader to care for her.

Sasha also needs a home with a fenced-in yard because she may try to escape if she’s not getting enough attention. Since she can be territorial around food, she would do best in a home without dogs or young kids. Yet, she’s very friendly and shows no signs of aggression around adults

“She’s a great dog. Everyone loves Sasha, whoever meets her,” Campbell said. “She really loves going on walks, and just spending time with people. She just wants to be included.”

At first, someone who knew her late owner had planned to adopt her. But she ended up not being the right fit for their home. Not every home is ideal for every dog, and that’s okay! Sasha will keep patiently waiting until the perfect adopters for her come along.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Sasha, please contact Great Pyrenees Rescue Montana.

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