Runaway Rescue Dog Helps FedEx Driver Deliver Packages

Ursula, the Lab/Shepherd mix is shy, but loves to run off and explore. Unfortunately, the 6-month-old pup’s behaviors made it hard for her to stick with a family, though. But thanks to her latest adventure, she’s about to get the attention she truly deserves.

An Arizona FedEx driver saw Ursula running into the road during his delivery route. Instead of running away from him too, she jumped in his truck and helped him deliver packages. Her actions proved that she’s a good dog who just needs the right family to come along and love her.

On an Adventure

FedEx driver Mike Holliday was just starting his route when he saw Ursula. She first ran around the park with someone chasing after her. Then, she raced into the road. Holliday didn’t want to see the puppy get hurt, so he jumped out of his vehicle to catch her. But when he opened the truck’s door, Ursula hopped in and made herself comfortable.

As a dog dad, Holliday didn’t question it. He continued his delivery job with the pup beside him for support. The runaway dog acted very calm and well-behaved the whole time, and Holliday quickly fell in love with her.

“She’s a good dog. Never barked, never did anything. Just sat there,” said Holliday.

When Holliday checked the tag on Ursula’s collar, he saw that it said “Foothills Animal Rescue” on it. So, he contacted them to let them know that Ursula was safe with him.

Help Ursula Find a Home!

As it turns out, Ursula was adopted from the rescue only a month earlier. The family didn’t think it was working out because Ursula kept getting away. They felt that they didn’t have the best setup for her, and the rescue appreciated their honesty. So, they decided to take Ursula back and find her a more suitable home.

Holliday and his family considered adopting Ursula. He brought her to his house during his route, where his daughters cuddled with her and gave her a bath. But with four daughters and two dogs, Holliday decided that his house was too crowded to take on another family member right now. However, he urges others to consider adopting this sweet pup.

“Anybody that gets that dog is going to love that dog. She’s got a little bit of energy, but nothing a little walk every morning couldn’t take care of,” Holliday said.

If you’re interested in adopting Ursula in Arizona, you can contact Foothills Animal Rescue. And if you don’t live nearby, be sure to check out the adoptable dogs at your own local shelters and rescues.

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