Senior Dog Still Looking For Home Two Years After All Her Puppies Were Adopted

When 12-year-old Annalize arrived at Many Tears Animal Rescue in Pembrokeshire, Wales two years ago, she was in horrible condition. 

The skin around her neck was raw from being chained. Her fur was completely matted and pulling at her skin. She was completely blind — and she was also pregnant. 

She had been kept by a breeder to produce litter after litter of puppies, but finally, thanks to the rescue, she was safe. When Annalize gave birth to her final litter of puppies, they were all adopted. But two years later, this sweet girl is still looking for her forever home. 

Now at a foster home in Pembrokeshire, Annalize has some special needs that have to be accounted for. But the rescue is certain that the perfect home is out there for her. 

Due to her age, Annalize has bathroom accidents at night sometimes — and she is scared of being put in a crate. Besides that, Annalize would be the perfect dog for someone out there with other animals. 

“Annalise needs another dog or two in her new home as she would not cope on her own,” the rescue said. “She adores cats too and would love it if she had cat brothers or sisters!”

Since she is completely blind, Annalize gets worried when she is left alone. A family or parent who is home most of the time would be the perfect fit for her. Due to an ulcer, one of her eyes had to be removed. 

“She has to have someone around all the time really – as she has to know her humans are close or she gets very upset even when you are in bed!” Annalize’s foster mom said. “She currently sleeps in a room with the other dogs, but I’m in a room separated from hers with only a stair gate, so she knows I’m only feet away from her.”

Annalize is a senior dog — which in reality can make some of the perfect fur babies. They simply love being with you and are happy with just cuddling up on the couch and watching movies. 

The unfortunate part is that many people may prefer puppies over an older dog, but that doesn’t mean that senior dogs are any less playful or loving. If you are in the area of Wales and are interested in adopting Annalize, you can visit this website. 

This girl’s puppies all got adopted nearly two years ago, and now it’s her turn. Let’s help find this sweet senior gal a home!

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