Severely Neglected Dog Finally Experiences Life Without Chains

WARNING: Images might be sensitive to some readers.

The Animal Welfare Society of South Africa (AWS) recently came across one of the worst neglect cases they’ve ever seen. Someone called to report a sick dog on a short chain outside someone’s house. The woman who owned the dog showed no concern for the pup’s rough state and didn’t have an interest in helping her heal. So, AWS had no choice but to issue a final warning to the woman and take the dog into their custody.

Now, the dog, whose name is Kuhle, is in a safe place. She has a long road ahead, but at least she’s in a loving and caring environment where she can recover.

A Home with No Love

When AWS found Kuhle, the pup had almost no hair and seemed to have a severe skin infection. The poor pup was outside with no food or water, and she was chained to a dangerous metal stake. The man who reported the case explained that the chain attached to her was no longer than an arms-length.

“He was distressed to observe that her movement had been restricted to an arms-length and horrified to think that this was all the space she had to exercise, sleep, and defecate in. To him, it appeared as though her owner had forsaken her,” AWS wrote.

When confronted, Kuhle’s human didn’t try to argue or defend herself. She was an older woman who understood that the dog was sick and needed to see a vet. But she claimed that she couldn’t afford to take off work to bring Kuhle to a clinic.

AWS had no choice but to remove Kuhle from the woman’s care immediately. She received a written warning for animal cruelty and neglect, meaning she will not be able to own another animal. The organization decided not to take any further legal action since she willingly gave the dog up.

Kuhle Gets a Second Chance

The most important thing is that Kuhle is finally getting the long-overdue medical attention she needs. She is receiving treatment for her skin condition and is getting medicated baths twice a day. She is also eating a premium dog food diet and getting strong antibiotics to benefit her immune system.

Perhaps best of all, Kuhle can finally walk around freely without being restrained to only a few feet.

Kuhle still has a long road to recovery ahead, but thanks to the kind AWS staff, life is getting better every day. Trainee Inspector Sivuyile (Sivu) Kilwa especially deserves recognition because he has worked so hard to help this dog improve, and she wouldn’t be where she is today without him. There’s a bright future ahead of Kuhle and we can’t wait to see it!

If you see an animal being neglected, please speak up. Neglect is a form of abuse, so it should be taken very seriously. No dog deserves to live the way Kuhle did, so it’s up to dog lovers all over the world to spot these problems and help stop them.

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