Sick Hunting Dog Is To Be Put Down, Man Steps In To Help & Owner Wants Her Back

Hunting dogs are often mistreated. We don’t understand why their owners view them in such a way since all they want to do is please their masters. Moira is a hunting dog that lived an unfair life,

When she became ill and couldn’t hunt, her owner brought her to the vet to be euthanized. She wasn’t worth it to her owner to even try to get her treatment.

The veterinarian had seen this countless times. He picked up the phone and called a local hero. Takis is known for rescuing dogs in Greece that no one wants. He also picks up abandoned dogs and dogs that had been abused. He got in his car and drove over to see Moira.

As soon as they met, and locked eyes for just a moment, Takis knew that this dog was meant to be with him. Moira was sick and scared. It broke the rescuer’s heart! Takis told the vet that he would take her back to his shelter and work to get her better. She was completely shut down and refused to even come out from a corner. But Takis had seen this before and was ready to help her.

Moira needed her health to be addressed first but Takis also needed to make her feel safe. He couldn’t imagine what she had been through to make her shut down like this. She was petrified of people. Takis started slowly. First by trying to pet her, slowly and steadily. Once she accepted him a bit, he put her on a leash to show her the grounds. She just darted beneath a car and refused to come out.

Takis had seen this before. This dog had been through something she could not cope with emotionally. She needed to see that these people around her now would not hurt her. It took a long time but she made progress.

Once on a good diet and the right medication, Moira’s health improved too. She made friends with the other dogs and watched as they interacted with the people at the shelter. That’s when it clicked… these were good people, unlike her owner.

With hard work and dedication, Moira became an entirely different dog. She’s now in good health. She lights up whenever humans come near. Her recovery is quite remarkable. Takis and his team refused to give up on Moira despite any challenges they faced.

The best part of the story comes next! Moira’s former owner hears about her recovery and pays Takis a visit. The two men discuss what should happen to Moira next. Moira’s complete story cannot be missed. To see Moira in the state that she was in, and what she likes like now, is a darn miracle! And what follows is eye-opening. Scroll down and check out her entire story. Thank you Takis and thank you to all his volunteers. We also want to thank The Dodo for publishing such amazing and inspiring content.

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