Stray Dog ‘Mysteriously Appeared’ At School Every Morning, So The Teacher Got Involved

 Teachers go to work in the morning wishing to encounter pupils, buses, and the excitement of a new day. They never anticipate seeing a dog waiting outside their school’s main entrance. That’s exactly what happened at an elementary school in Houston, Texas. The canine was really sitting outside the institution’s primary entryway.

Caleb Schaffer, a teacher in the small town of Columbia Falls, Montana, arrived at work one morning to discover a lovely dog waiting for him at the door. The dog wagged its tail at Schaffer, but he had to go to class, so he walked by the animal. He couldn’t stop thinking about the Lab mix who was outside the school building, so he went back to see if anything had changed. Unfortunately, the dog was gone when he got there.

The dog was unsuccessful while being hunted by animal control. Sure enough, the next morning, the dog was again at the entrance, and Schaffer spotted him. The man repeated his actions, and the dog vanished once more later in the day. He did notice how terrible the dog’s skin looked and how he was whining and clawing at it.

Finally, on the third day, the dog was there and Schaffer performed some action. He walked to his automobile, called the dog in, and the hound climbed straight into the vehicle with him. He returned home with his wife so he could work since Schaffer could not maintain him. Despite this, he attempted to contact a number of rescue organizations. No one had space available. He took him to a local animal shelter where he received basic care and a wash before being handed over,

He named him Clive and sent pictures to the Urgent Shelter Pets of Houston Facebook page. Thankfully, Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption saw the video and they arranged for a foster home. Schaffer tells the story to his students. In an interview with The Dodo, he said, “There are so many strays everywhere here. It’s given me an opportunity to talk about spaying, neutering, heartworm prevention, and the reality of shelters.”

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Please ‘SHARE’ this story with a friend or family member!

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