Sweet Pup Found Shaking And Starving Is Fighting For His Life

 When starving, shivering, Olympus was found outside of the Richmond Animal Care and Control shelter, he was so weak that he could hardly stand. The poor, sweet pup was found under their Director’s office window, and he was so emaciated that he looked like a living skeleton. In fact, Olympus was in such rough shape, that it was nothing short of a miracle that he was even still breathing. 

Heartbreaking security footage shows Olympus being carelessly discarded on a cold slab of concrete in front of the shelter in the middle of the night. Not only was he too weak to properly stand, but he even falls as he attempts to chase his owner while he was being left behind. Olympus was not only undeservingly starved and abused, but he was made to wait for seven long hours in the freezing cold before he was discovered.

It wasn’t until shortly after nine o’clock the next morning that Christie Chipps Peters, the director of the RACC, spied sweet Olympus and carried him to her car. But even with her heat on high and her seat warmers on full blast, Christine still wasn’t sure whether Olympus would survive the drive to VVC. He was just so cold after spending the night underfed, outside, and unprotected in 19-degree weather.

Once they arrived at Virginia Veterinary Centers, staff sprang into action, working as fast as possible to bring up his body temperature. When he first arrived, Olympus was so cold that they were unable to get a reading on their thermometer. Not only that, but his blood pressure was so low, that they were unable to place an IV. But their speedy work paid off.

They were quickly able to get him warmed and started with sub Q fluids. Then, all they could do was wait and pray that his body was strong enough and that he would survive the night. 

Miraculously, brave Olympus survived the night. Then, before long, he was even able to eat and keep down small meals. What a little fighter. While Olympus’s health has vastly improved since he was first found, he’s not out of the woods yet. He’s still in need of plenty of love and prayers.

The RACC is currently searching for the criminal responsible for the abuse and neglect that sweet Olympus has suffered, Luckily, local authorities were able to grab nearby the security camera footage, and are now investigating multiple leads. No more details have been released, as doing so will compromise the case. 

“I don’t understand the decision making that leads to that sort of animal cruelty and neglect. It infuriates me when there are so many resources in the city of Richmond for animal lovers to take advantage of,” she said. “For an animal just to sit and suffer, there’s no amount of swear words that will make it better; so anger, sadness. It’s a combination of both,” shared Christie.

It is still unsure when Olympus will be available for adoption, but RACC promises to continue to provide updates on his health and how / where you can apply for his adoption.

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