Sweetest Senior Dog Has Been Waiting 7 Years For His Forever Home

Think about how much has happened in your life in the past seven years. That’s how long one dog at League for Animal Welfare in Ohio has been living in a shelter, longing for his forever home. 

Mica is a 10-year-old pointer and labrador mix — and he has been in the care of the shelter since November 30, 2014. As countless other dogs have left the shelter and gone onto their forever homes, poor Mica has just watched the happiness pass by time and time again from the inside of his kennel. For over 2,300 days, Mica has been waiting to be adopted. 

According to the shelter, he is wary of new people due to a rough start to life and has difficulty trusting children. But despite this, the shelter is confident the right person is out there for Mica. Hundreds of people from across the United States have reached out to the shelter in hopes of adopting Mica — but because of his slight behavioral challenges, the shelter team is carefully going through those adoption applications. 

“He needs a person who can give him time and patience so he can learn to trust you,” the shelter said in a post about Mica on Facebook. “He needs a person who has the patience to learn to listen to Mica – to pay attention to his cues when he’s telling you that he’s not comfortable with something (he’s a good communicator if you pay attention!). He needs someone to understand that he has good days and bad – and sometimes, on those bad days, even when he does love you and trust you he just needs time alone.”

Despite being the shelter’s longest-staying resident, Mica is well adjusted to life at the shelter and regularly goes on trips for chicken nuggets with his favorite shelter staff members. When the shelter is closed on Thursdays, he’s allowed to free roam within the building, greeting everyone he lays eyes on. 

Since he’s been in the shelter for so long, Mica is an absolute favorite among the staff. For Easter, they even made him an Easter basket full of toys and treats for him to indulge in. 

Although Mica may be difficult to place due to being a nervous senior dog, the shelter hasn’t lost hope that the right family is out there for him. With any luck, Mica will be in a loving home soon. It’s what he deserves and more after waiting seven years for the perfect match. 

Because of his nervousness, Mica would be best in an adult-only home, the shelter said. They are currently working on interviewing families that live within a two-hour radius of Cincinnati. But that doesn’t mean the perfect home is not out there! 

“He needs a unicorn adopter – someone who is more interested in helping Mica than they are about what a dog can do for them,” the shelter said. “If you don’t think you’re a good fit for Mica, tell your friends. His person is out there, we just know it.”

If you are interested in adopting Mica, email info@lfaw.org or call 513-735-2299. 

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