Terminally Ill Dog Is Adopted And Ready To Start His Bucket List

Rusty is a 1-year-old rescue dog that has been in search of his forever home. He looks just as happy and healthy as any other dog, but unfortunately, there is a lot that you can’t tell from just looking at him.

In Georgia, Rusty was diagnosed with a liver shunt. This means that his liver can’t detoxify blood due to an abnormal vessel pushing blood away from his liver.

He had a surgery to help him restore his normal blood flow, but sadly, it was not successful. They tried everything possible to get him back in good health, but there was nothing they could do. His liver is just too small and it cannot function properly. So, it is unclear how much longer he’ll be able to live. However, he hasn’t let that hold him back so far.

In Search of a Home

Rusty was sent from Georgia to the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland in Maine. Right away, they noticed that Rusty seemed to be acting just fine. He loved to go on daily walks, play with toys, and snuggle. It was near impossible to tell that he was terminally ill.

They put Rusty up for adoption, but with special requests. The shelter wanted him to find a family that was willing to create a bucket list of fun Maine experiences for Rusty. This family also needed to make sure he always took his medicine on time and ate frequent meals. The shelter posted their requests on social media in hopes of finding Rusty the perfect family.

Rusty’s lifespan all depends on how quickly the symptoms of his liver disease progress. The shelter wanted to make sure he found a home that understood his needs and loved him regardless of the circumstances.

“It could be weeks or months, we simply don’t know,” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “Our goal is to make the most of the time Rusty has left.”

Rusty’s New Family!

Within a day of posting on Facebook, Rusty was adopted! His new family is eager to fulfill his bucket list and they promised to share photos of Rusty’s new adventures with the staff at the shelter. There are so many new things Rusty can experience in Maine including his first snowfall, the beach, and the hiking trails. He is happy to have a loving family to let him see these amazing things.

“It’s a lot of happy tears over here, as he embarks on his next chapter,” the shelter wrote after he was adopted.

Of course, the staff at the Animal Refuge League will miss him greatly, but they are so happy that he will be able to enjoy the rest of his life. Rusty might not have as much time as every other dog, but his new family will definitely make sure the time he has left really counts. He will be filled with love and excitement from now on.

Keep up with Rusty as he checks items off his bucket list on Facebook.

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