UPDATE: Dog Rescue Goes Above And Beyond To Save Abused Dog’s Life


Not only did WOOF Pet Rescue take Annie in and help her heal, both inside and out – they fought tirelessly to see that her abuser face justice. Krissy Mosbarger had high hopes for Annie. She kept meticulous medical records and handed over everything she had to help Annie win her day in court.

“We are as ready as we can be. I have now compiled, (in full and in triplicate) Annie’s extensive medical records. They are nearly 2 inches thick! Every visit. Every surgery. Every procedure. Every invoice. Along with detailed photos of her throughout her horrifying journey. We have this lock, stock and barrel. I know that at least one other professional involved in this case has also been subpoenaed, which will be incredibly helpful. It is our hope that the courts will take the evidence presented, and Annie’s incredible suffering into thoughtful consideration. She is an AMAZING little girl, with a beautiful zest for life. But she went through hell to get to this point, and we don’t want her suffering, or that of her tiny babies to be in vain.”

Unfortunately, the justice system doesn’t work always work the way we want – but the fight isn’t over. Krissy, with the support of “Annie’s Army” is determined to exhaust her options in court to get the justice Annie deserves.

“She was found not guilty because the DA’s office didn’t use the evidence that was gift-wrapped for them. The defendant argued that Annie was a feral stray and not hers. Didn’t matter that we had proof FROM THE WOMAN WHO GAVE ANNIE TO MARANDA… Evidence only matters when the DA’s office actually USES it in court. I am BESIDE myself angry. Everything was literally gift wrapped for the DA’s office. All they had to do was USE the evidence given to them. Im heading out now. This isn’t over if I have any say at all. Will look into possibilities when I get home later tonight.”

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Original Post:

Annie the 1-year-old Lab/Pit Bull mix had a rough start to life. She faced abuse and the loss of her puppies at a very young age, but Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue didn’t let that stop them from helping her. Despite all odds, Annie is alive and happier than ever today. It’s all because the group of kind individuals refused to give up on her.

Annie’s road to recovery is not over yet, but things are finally looking much better for her. Even though people were not kind to her as a puppy, she is one of the most loving dogs you’ll ever see. So, she deserves this second chance at life.

Annie’s Story

Poor Annie was found lying in the driveway of her human’s house in Oklahoma, barely moving. WOOF Pet Rescue arrived at the scene to save her. When the woman who lived there approached the rescue, she showed no sympathy for what she had done to the little dog. In fact, she even thought that Annie wasn’t worth it.

Of course, Annie is definitely worth it though. The rescue took her in without hesitation. They rushed her to emergency care, where they discovered she was pregnant with 10 puppies. However, she was too weak to properly give birth. She had wounds all over her body that had never properly healed. The puppies did not survive, but there was still hope for Annie.

Maranda Dawne Weber, the person responsible for Annie’s condition, was arrested not long after. She was charged with animal cruelty. The details of her arrest are unclear at this time, but she deserves serious punishments for what she did to Annie.

Now, after many vet visits and surgeries later, Annie is doing much better. Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue in Colorado took Annie into their care. Krissy Mosbarger, the president of the rescue, has since adopted the sweet pup. Annie is happier than ever with her new mom by her side.

“She is a survivor. She is a beautiful soul,” said Mosbarger. “She has been overlooked and let down, but she is not let down anymore.”

Justice for Annie

If you saw Annie today, you might not even recognize that she’s the same dog. She’s so full of life, with her tail always wagging. She still has a long way to go before she fully recovers, but she is headed in the right direction.

Healing Annie is no easy task though. So far, her medical treatments have cost over $16,000 and it will likely only increase from there. But for Mosbarger, no amount of money is too much if it means Annie can get a second chance at life. After all, the sweet dog has such a strong will to live.

“I have had people reach out to me and say, ‘for $16,000, how many other dogs could you have helped?’ And they are absolutely right. [But] this dog reached into my soul,” said Mosbarger.

Annie needs all the love and support she can get during her recovery. If you’d like to donate, you can visit Pawsitive Restorations Animal Rescue’s website. Also, check out the “Justice For Mama Annie” Facebook group for more updates on her progress.

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