UPDATE: Dog Saved From Drowning Just As He Was Giving Up

Jay Council is a member of the City of Winston-Salem staff in North Carolina. His daily job is to supervise Lake Salem. However, he never thought saving a dog’s life would be in the job description. But when he spotted a little white dog barely staying afloat in the middle of the lake, he knew he had to come to the rescue. He knew that the most important part of his job was always doing what’s right.

How Did the Dog Get Out There?

Council was just doing his daily work when he received an unusual call for help. One of the visitors alerted him that there was a dog in the water about 300 feet from the end of the pier. The Salem Lake Pier is already about 300 feet long, so that meant that the poor pup had swam 600 feet from the shore! Plus, it was only about 55 degrees Fahrenheit outside. The poor pup was probably freezing!

No one knew exactly how the dog got so far out or how long he’d been out there, but it was clear that he needed saving. Council has 3 dogs of his own at home, so he knows how important dogs really are. Without hesitation, he hopped in a boat and paddled out to save the little dog.

As Council approached the dog, he could tell that the poor pup was exhausted. His back legs were no longer paddling. Instead, they were just floating behind him. However, he tried his best to keep paddling with only his front legs. His head was just barely above the water.

Council reached out to the dog using a net. He scooped the dog up as soon as he could, and got him safely into the boat. If the dog had been out there any longer, he might not have survived.

“If you see an animal in distress, save it,” said Council. “You don’t know why it’s hurt or what’s going on with the animal. Just take the time out and save it.”

While they waited for help to arrive, a kind woman offered her jacket to the shivering pup. Council gave the dog some treats and drinking water, hoping to keep him as comfortable as possible.

The Dog’s Recovery

The dog is now under the care of an amazing organization called Stepping Stones Canine Rescue. He has no chip and he hasn’t been neutered, so it’s likely that he didn’t have a place to call home. So, the rescue found him a nice foster home for the time being. They decided to name him Neptune after the Roman god of the sea.

Neptune visited a vet right away, and he appeared healthy despite everything he’s been through. He’s a bit shy and skittish, but he’s slowly warming up to the staff at the rescue. His foster parents are working hard to make him feel loved and cared for.

Eventually, he will be put up for adoption, but he still needs some time to adjust. Once the rescue feels he’s more comfortable and better trained, he will be ready to meet potential adopters. The rescue just wants to make sure he finds a home that’s perfect for him.

Sometimes dogs get in difficult situations like Neptune did. That’s why it’s so important to have kind people like Council around to save the day. Council never intended to be a dog rescuer at his new job, but now he’s an incredible hero. He saved Neptune’s life, and he should definitely be recognized for his brave actions.

UPDATE: Neptune is no longer in the shelter! Stepping Stones Canine Rescue posted a happy update just a few months after he came to them:

Some good news for this week! Our boy has some quirks and has been wait for the right family to come along. We are so thrilled that his new parents wanted to give him a chance and were willing to be patient and earn his trust. We’ve got a report that they are all settling in well together! Neptune… ADOPTED 🧜‍♂️

Can you believe how fluffy he is now?! Congratulations to Neptune and his family!

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