UPDATE: Imprisoned Pit Mix Leaps From Second Story Window To Save Herself And Her Friend

Sadie and Rocky are two Pit Mix pups that are bonded for life. The pair have survived against all odds relying on the comfort and eventually, courage and wits of one another to survive. You see, Sadie and Rocky were abandoned by their family in the most cruel and inexcusable way. Sadie and Rocky’s family moved out of their derelict house leaving the dogs locked inside with no food, water, or intention of returning. They even went so far as to board up one of the windows so that neighbors couldn’t see them.

Sadie Outsmarted Her Abuser and Saved Them Both

It is unclear how long Rocky and Sadie were locked inside the crumbling and dangerous home. It was long enough for them to lose so much weight that their ribs were protruding out and for the flea infestation to cause Sadie’s eyes to swell and her fur to fall out in patches. We can only imagine how the dogs clawed the door and cried in their hunger and fear.

Sadie reached a breaking point and decided that she would do what it takes to be free and find food. She took a chance, leaping from the second story window to escape. Her brave jump was witnessed by a neighbor was shocked to see the dogs still on the property and surprised more by the dog’s courageous act. Neighbor Raymond Sochor told WPXI News 11, “Putting them in an abandoned house and leaving them there to die? That’s animal cruelty to me.” We agree, Mr. Sochor.

Rescue Group Tiny Cause is Caring for the Pair

Darla Held is the founder of rescue group Tiny Cause. Rescuers from her team took the risk of entering the house, which was caving in and had nails jutting up from the floor, to get Rocky. They are taking care of Sadie and Rocky, nursing them back to health so that they can become well enough for adoption.

She reported to The Trib that Sadie had two ear infections, both were infested with fleas, and both were around 20 pounds underweight. The group has raised funds on Facebook to provide the medical care needed to get Sadie and Rocky in tip top shape for the lucky family that brings them home. The group is adopting the pair out together, as they are so closely bonded.

Sadie and Rocky are improving every day and will soon know the true meaning of love when they find a forever home.

UPDATE: Tiny Cause did their absolute best for Sadie and Rocky – and in the end, that meant separate homes. The two may have been split, but they’re both happy and healthy in loving homes with adopters who are giving them their best lives!

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