UPDATE: Patrick Stewart Creates Lenny’s Legacy To Honor Late Foster Dog

We recently covered the unfortunate passing of a beautiful pup named Lenny that passed away just days after being rescued by Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell. After succumbing to a terrible case of pneumonia and the effects of lifelong neglect, Stewart and Ozell made the difficult choice to ease his pain as he peacefully passed away.

Lenny was a 10-year-old Pit Bull that found himself in the care of Wags And Walks Rescue after a lifetime of neglect. With thick scars on his elbows and fly strike scars covering his ears, it’s clear that Lenny was deprived of the wonderful life that he deserved. Luckily with the help of Wags and Walks Rescue, Patrick Stewart, and Sunny Ozell, Lenny was able to experience 48 hours of pure bliss.

Lenny spent 2 days in Stewart and Ozell’s home as a pampered foster pup. With no shortage of TLC or delicious treats, he was living the ultimate doggy dream. Though it seemed like Lenny had everything he needed to live out a wonderful life, he quickly became ill. What originally started as a case of kennel cough turned into a serious case of pneumonia.

Even with receiving critical veterinary care, Lenny was unable to win the battle against his illness. He passed in the loving arms of his foster parents.

“My dear friend sent me this quote: ‘Saving one animal wont change the world, but for that one animal the world will change forever.’ Patrick is shattered, but has already decided that we are going to start some kind of fund in Lenny’s name. There’s something deeply profound about the animal rescue space, and for us in particular, pit bull rescue. Patrick and I remain so, so committed to spreading the glorious Pit bull gospel.”

-Sunny Ozell on the day of Lenny’s passing

Lenny had an immense impact on Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell to the point of launching a beautiful campaign in Lenny’s honor. This Pit Bull advocating couple wants to change the world for senior dogs in the shelter system, and they need your help to do it!

To celebrate Giving Tuesday in 2019, Stewart and Ozell matched up to $10,000 of donations that were made to Wags and Walks Rescue in the first 24 hours. Lenny’s Legacy has already raised over $25,000 dollars for dogs in need and will undoubtedly continue to change the lives of many canines to come!

We are so grateful for dedicated animal advocates such as Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell, and can’t wait to watch the impact that Lenny’s Legacy will have on senior dogs to come! If you would like to contribute to Lenny’s Legacy, you can donate here.

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