UPDATE: Woman Creates Dating Profile For Her Foster Dog To Give Him A Leg Up On The Competition

Chance is a 3-year-old Scorpio who loves piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. Just kidding! But this handsome doggo really is about three, and he does have his own dating profile!

Knowing how difficult it can be for a rescue dog to stand out from the crowd, Chance’s foster mom Sarah Barnett signed him up for OKCupid. So if you’re looking for a new best friend, swipe right on this special fella!

“I’m drama-free, except if you take my squeaky toys,” Chance’s dating profile reads. “You’ll have to pay for dinner 100 percent of the time, but I’ll be loyal and won’t ever leave you for another man or woman.”

Six things Chance can’t live without?

Squeaky Toys

Big Squeaky Toys

Toys With Lots of Squeakers In Them

Going for Walks

Tasty Food


Chance also lifts, so he’ll make an excellent workout buddy for any fellow gym rats.

He’s pretty brave, too. He was once photographed with a tiger.

He can even protect your home from nuisance wildlife.

And if you really are searching for a human soulmate, Chance makes a fabulous wingman!

All silliness aside, Chance is a wonderful boy that deserves an equally wonderful adopter. According to his profile, “he’s a remarkably fast learner, and has a very strong desire to please. More than anything he loves spending time with people!”

Sadly, Chance didn’t always have an adoring foster mom to advocate for him. He was found on the streets of Philadelphia and brought to the Animal Care & Control Team of Philly (ACCT Philly) in May. He had wounds all over his face and was very thin. 

Due to a viral outbreak at the shelter, Chance was housed outside in a temperature-controlled tent. That’s where Sarah first met him. She was able to convince the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation to take Chance in, and volunteered to foster him.

Since then, he has received professional training, become fully house trained, learned to walk politely on a leash, and mastered several commands including sit, place, down, and here.

Chance currently resides in Maryland, and would love to find a human who enjoys long walks, playing in the yard, snuggling, and providing him with squeaky toys.

While he requires a cat-free home, Chance is happy to live with other dogs. He currently has a blind foster brother named Dimitri whom he adores.

To learn more about Chance or inquire about meeting him in person, visit his website — that’s right, he has his own website — at adoptchancethedog.wordpress.com.

UPDATE: Chance is home! 

From Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation:

“Late last week, Chance went to his forever home. He had quite a journey and it shows sometimes the right home is right in front of us: after amazing LDCRF volunteer shared his OkCupid profile, her oldest son fell in love with Chance! It takes a village, including the great people at

SNIFFERS Doggie Retreat

who helped train Chance, and a wonderful donor who sponsored his training. ❤️“

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