Volunteer Honored For Fostering 300 Dogs And Counting!

Every dog fostered saves lives. So, imagine how many dogs are saved if 300 dogs are fostered! Volunteer Claudia Buckmaster has fostered 300 dogs in the course of just six years, and she’s not stopping anytime soon. Buckmaster knows that there are millions of dogs out there who need a second chance at life. Plus, she loves surrounding herself with loving canines.

She hopes that her story encourages more people to foster and adopt. Not everyone can take in 300 dogs like her, but even fostering once could make a difference. Plus, fostering is such a fulfilling experience!

300 Dogs and Counting!

Buckmaster fosters dogs through Emily’s Legacy Rescue, of which she is also the vice president and treasurer. On June 29th, 2021, she broke records by taking in her 300th foster dog in only six years. On the latest rescue dog transport, she took in four puppies to foster, causing her to reach the 300 mark. One of those puppies includes Derby the Husky-Heeler mix.

To honor this incredible achievement, fellow volunteers hosted a celebration for Buckmaster. They gifted her a custom keychain and a plaque to honor her. News channels even arrived to interview her. But of course, Buckmaster isn’t in it for the fame and recognition. She just wants to save dogs.

“I enjoy the dogs, the company and saving lives,” Buckmaster said. “It’s nice to come home to them, lay with them, it is even though they’re a mess sometimes.”

Buckmaster also explains that fostering isn’t as difficult as many people assume it will be. You just need to focus on basic care like food, walks, and some training. For dogs that take longer to find homes, you can take them to adoption events as well. Of course, finding forever homes for the dogs is one of the most rewarding parts of fostering.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

To foster so many dogs in only a few years, Buckmaster had to take in more than one dog at a time, on top of her own dogs. Currently, she has six foster dogs at once. Although, she revealed that she has had up to 17 dogs in her house at the same time before.

“We don’t have enough fosters. The fosters we have take more than one,” said Buckmaster.

Buckmaster says that as long as there are dogs that need help, she will continue to foster. She hopes she will inspire others to do the same. She’d never ask for the recognition she deserves, but she truly is a hero.

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