Witness A Once-In-A-Lifetime Sighting Of Twin Baby Elephants In Kenya!

Ra.re baby elephant twins born in Kenya!

How sweet ❤❤❤ Congratulations Mom…! 🎉🎊🐘🐘

Elephants are massive creatures with equally massive hearts and personalities! It’s exciting to witness the birth of a baby elephant, and it’s even more exciting if it’s a set of twins.

Save Elephants (STE) trained “Elephant Watch Camp” guides discovered an [extremely] ra.re pair of twin African elephants born in Samburu National Reserve in North Kenya. And confirm the presence of a female and a male calf, which is extremely r.are.

Such a beautiful miracle for mum to have twin baby elephants ♥️♥️♥️

Twins are uncommon in elephant populations, accounting for only about 1% of births. Mothers frequently do not have enough milk to feed two calves. In fact, the birth of twins was only previously recorded in Samburu in 2006, unfortunately, both calves [di.ed] shortly after birth.

The twins are the second offspring of a female elephant named Bora, who comes from the Winds II elephant family. Breastfed by their mother Bora and protected by an alert male, a ra.re newborn baby elephant cub ingested nutrients that conservationists hope will help them sur.vi.ve a [pe.rilous] start in Kenyan safari park.

May they be kept safe, wild and free. ❤❤❤

Two tiny baby elephants running after their parents are so adorable and sweet that they could melt any animal lover’s heart.

There are an estimated 36,280 elephants left in Kenya and that was a 12% increase in the population recorded in 2014, when ivory k.i.ll.ings were higher. Besides the conversion of land for agriculture, [habitat des.truction] has had a [ne.gative] impact on elephant populations in Africa as a whole and has caused the African savannah elephant population to have declined by at least 60% in half a century passed, causing them to be reclassified as end.ang.ered in the latest update to the IUCN [Red List] of Thre.atened Species.

Such sweet, precious twins, hope they live a long life!

It’s really sa.d for the African elephants, they deserve a happier and safer life.

Absolutely beautiful mum must be so proud of her babies!

Congratulations Mom 🎉🎉🐘🐘 They are Soo Precious 💕💕 May God look after them and Keep them Safe.

Blessings and the Lords angels around them and over them for a long good life.

Please protect the momma’s and their precious babies. 💖

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