Beware of the "fever" of ChatGPT stock!

It is the companies that are developing technology similar to ChatGPT that have warned that excessive investor expectations push stock prices up.

According to Reuters, the fever surrounding ChatGPT has fueled speculation in the Chinese stock market, lifting the price of shares of artificial intelligence (AI) companies such as TRS Information Technology, Hanwang Technology and CloudWalk Technology.

In a front-page article, The Securities Times highlighted several of the technology concepts that have fueled stock buying in China, such as fifth-generation (5G) telecommunications networks and augmented reality (AR). , virtual reality (VR) and anti-virus clothing. According to the article, excitement over these trends has now cooled.

Some of the sought-after technology ideas have been successful, but there are "many other new ideas that have not been commercialized or need more time to prove.

Still, some people are still eager to speculate on the concepts. fake, lure others into the pump and discharge plan", quoted an article in Securities Times.

It is known that companies developing ChatGPT-like technology have had to tag risks at the request of Chinese regulators, after the share price skyrocketed amid interest in general AI. very strong.

Recently, the Chinese media also spoke out when the shares of a series of AI companies in China more than doubled in price in the past few weeks.

ChatGPT - a chatbot developed by the US company OpenAI and supported by Microsoft - is gaining global attention thanks to its lifelike conversations.

The popularity of ChatGPT has sent the stock prices of many Chinese companies in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) skyrocketing. From the beginning of the year to the end of the session on February 8, Beijing Haitian Ruisheng Science Technology shares have increased by 217%.

Hanwang Technology increased 129%, as of the end of the session yesterday. CloudWalk Technology up 128% and TRS Information Technology up 66%.

In a front-page post, the Securities Times (China) said that there are many technologies that have sparked the wave of related stock purchases in China, such as 5G, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality. reinforcement (AR) and anti-virus fabric. However, the initial excitement then gradually disappeared.

While some technologies have been successful, "many other ideas have not even been commercialized, or need more time to prove," the Securities Times (China) shared. They warn many investors could be drawn into scam models and lose money.

The same companies that are developing technology similar to ChatGPT also spoke out after their stock prices skyrocketed.

Beijing Haitian Ruisheng Science Technology says that its products and services have not yet generated revenue. They are also not related to OpenAI.

In a written response to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the company said: "While these technologies are trending in the long-term, we still need to further analyze their development speed and impact."

They estimate this year's net profit is down 50% and warn investors to be cautious as the company's valuation is currently much higher than the industry average.
360 Security Technology Co says its ChatGPT-like technology is still in its infancy and is for internal use only. It is uncertain when they will be able to bring the product to market and how effective it will be. Therefore, this company advises investors to pay attention to trading risks and decide with caution.

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