Elon Musk reveals "new CEO of Twitter"

Billionaire Elon Musk posted a picture of his pet dog and introduced himself as the "new CEO of Twitter", causing the price of two digital currencies Dogecoin and Floki to increase sharply.

Recently, technology billionaire Elon Musk has once again attracted attention when introducing the new CEO of Twitter. Specifically, Musk posted a photo of his pet dog Floki (of the Shiba Inu breed) with the title "new CEO of Twitter".

In the photo, Floki is sitting in the CEO chair, wearing a T-shirt with the words CEO, on the table are some papers. The room looks like Twitter's leadership office.

In subsequent tweets, Musk was full of praise for the "new CEO of Twitter".

"The new CEO is much better than the other," the US billionaire commented, but it is not clear if Musk is referring to himself or the predecessor CEO. Billy Markus, the co-founder of Dogecoin, replied under Musk's post: "It's fun when he wears glasses."

Musk wrote: "The new CEO of Twitter is amazing. He's good at numbers and has a cool fashion sense. He is the perfect fit for the job.”

It seems that this is just a joke of the second richest billionaire in the world. This action of his has caused mixed reactions from the Twitter community. Some call it a prime example of the 51-year-old billionaire's eccentric behavior.

The post was shared while Musk was looking for a new CEO for Twitter, after a survey he conducted in December 2022. In particular, the majority of social network users support the option of him leaving the executive position.

However, he also said that he could not choose the right person because "the person who wants power is the person who least deserves it".

After the photo appeared, the price of Dogecoin increased by 6.6% to $0.086, while the Floki coin also increased by 27% to $0.00002786.

Dogecoin is a prank coin created by computer engineer Billy Markus and marketing expert Jackson Palmer to criticize the Bitcoin craze since 2013. This coin is based on Litecoin, has a fast mining speed compared to other Bitcoins. other and unrestricted digital currency like Bitcoin. Dogecoin's value has increased many times after Elon Musk posted tweets with content related to dogs.

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