I Can Not Stop Crying When Rescue Unloved, Unwanted, Dumped, And Forgotten Bait Dog Curled Up...


I can not stop crying when rescue unloved, unwanted, dumped, and forgotten bait dog curled up on a garbage dump

Another unloved, unwanted, dumped, and forgotten bait dog. After a couple days of a bunch of amazing people searching for him, we finally found him curled up, with a female dog that I am 100% positive was watching over him.

She led me to him after she heard me whistling and popped her head up, as if she was telling me that she had him and was keeping him safe! And yes, both babies were absolutely rescued...There is no way in hell I was leaving that girl behind. I can't even get through writing this without crying because I just can't imagine all that he has endured. This is, by far, the worst abuse case that I've encountered personally.

About 90% of his teeth were pulled and the ones they couldn't pull, they filed down, he has gaping infected wounds, that were disgustingly sewn up by hand because they obviously never took him to the vet since he was worthless to them, he had ticks the size of dimes all over his body, and the list goes on and on and on...Watch the video below.

Special thanks to: Amanda Hulebak 💚 and Reggie's Friends: 
Thanks to the channel : Animal Rescue ❤️

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