Kind-Hearted Woman Rescues Adorable Puppies That Are Seriously Injured.

These puppies were found on the street. They cried in pain and ran after people's legs and begged for help but everyone kicked them off and passed by. They waited until a kind-hearted woman stepped in...

They suffered from terrible rotting wounds. They were found by Polina Novitckaia, without her hard work these puppies won't be survived. They needed nursing care and love for their recovery.

They are so adorable. Their wounds started to heal little by little and day by day. Their foster mom gave them all their needs and love.

They're all safe and underwent a good recovery. They will grow up and live in a new loving family.

Thank you very much to to Polina Novitckaia for saving, helping and taking so good care of these cute and adorable puppies and for their treatment.

I am so happy that they already recovered so well and adopted. Wish them all a long, healthy and happy life together with their families full with joy and love. God bless them all. Share their story!

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